1985’s Explorers Is Heading to the Small Screen

Paramount TV just announced that they are bringing Joe Dante‘s 1985 film Explorers to the Small screen. David Lowery & Cary Fukunaga are currently writing a the pilot for the Explorers series. If everything goes well with the pilot, Hayden Kiessling & Fukunaga will executive produce with James Johnston, Erik Luke, Lowery & Toby Halbrooks.

The 1985 film was directed by Joe Dante’s & starred Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix & Jason Presson. The film was also written by Erik Luke.

The synopsis is as follows:

Young Ben Crandall (Ethan Hawke) spends his free time watching sci-fi films, playing video games and reading comic books. Surprisingly, his affinity for all things fantastical yields a real result — when he has a vivid dream about technology, his science-loving friend Wolfgang Muller (River Phoenix) manages to create a working spacecraft. Joined by their buddy Darren Woods (Jason Presson), the boys take off into outer space and encounter some very odd extraterrestrial life.

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