Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 2 “Booth Three” Review

The 2nd episode of the season 3 starts with an unexpected birth. Ruby is driving to Elk Grove, wincing in incredible pain. Two hitchhikers attempt to get her attention, but fail as she swerves to a complete stop. Her screams echoed through her car and a blood explosion as if a dye pack from a bank robbery paints the interior. One hitchhiker approaches the car and finds Ruby completely ripped open, stomach and intestines showing. An umbilical cord reveals a baby in the backseat. The baby turns out to be far from normal as it attacks the hitchhiker by ripping into his neck. Ruby wakes up from what looked like certain death to retrieve her offspring and to capture the hitchhikers.

We transfer to find Brandi staying with Ash at his house after the events of last episode. Brandi is summoned back to school by a guidance counselor that turns out to be Ruby in disguise, healed from her wounds from the unnatural birth of her demon spawn. Before being questioned about the murders that took place in the school, Brandi informs Ruby she is the daughter of Ash.

We learn more about Dalton’s association with Kelly. As mentioned in last review, Dalton serves the Knights of Sumeria, an ancient order of protectors against evil. With their absence in question, Dalton reveals Ruby herself was part of a group of followers called “The Dark Ones” who betrayed 3 other members to gain full power of the Necronomicon, the source of their power. Once the Necronomicon was in the possession of the Knights, one of their own sought the power from the book but failed to harness it and having their soul embedded within the pages.

Dalton also has is eyes on Pablo as the scriptures of the Necronomicon reappear all over his body. The evil that plagued Pablo through the series run has returned. Ash declares the “Ghost Beaters” to not only keep an eye out for more deadites, but to also keep the hardware store Ash owns open for business. Pablo is also visited by a spirit sent to him by his uncle “El Brujo”, who is a Shaman that helps Ash, Pablo and Kelly. As the spirit is distracting ( in the shape of a nude woman with a multiple faced mask on) and warning Pablo of potentially succumbing to the powers of the Necronomicon once again, she tells him that the powers his uncle held is the only way to stop evil manifesting in him.

Ash takes a trip to the Elk Grove Cryobank semen depository after a discussion of the possibility that he may have fathered more children without his knowledge. As he asks for confidential information of possible matches, he decides to “make a deposit, while I’m here!”. He gets in the mood and is fascinated by a woman in a nude magazine. The powers of evil have hit the Cryobank turning one worker into a deadite and the magazine to take form of an arm attacking Ash.

Probably one of the grossest scene’s in the shows existence, a fight ensues with the demon using stored sperm like Spiderman’s webslinging and the arm crawling through smashed glass and gobs of ejaculate. Ash defeats his opposition using a nitrogen canister to freeze the demon and smash its head in and the arm by smashing it into a file cabinet. I failed to mention that the 80’s pop hit “Take on Me” from A-Ha is playing during this madness.

I have to say this episode was better than episode 1. It really didn’t involve as much gore and blood as the first episode did, but we get more story beats and a bit more character background with the newest member of our heroes. You know that some type off the wall scene would happen in the Cryobank after Ash pulls up to it. And all honestly, I wanted to see how many times I can type the word SEMEN and other forms of it in one article. More than I would like too…. I counted 4.

Episode 2 " Booth Three"











  • Practical effects yet again make the show
  • We get answers to some lingering questions
  • Probably the most gross scene in the shows history


  • Episode ends with a whimper

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