HBO Max Welcomes ‘Warrior’ Season 3 Home

Cinemax’s ‘Warrior’ series solidified itself as a fan favorite out the gate in 2019. Not only did fans fall in love with the well-balanced action in the series, but we also respected it because it’s based on an original concept & treatment by Bruce Lee, & is executive-produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee, & […]

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

When Justice League dropped in 2017, it was met with hardened disappointment from fans & casual moviegoers across the board. Most of us knew going in that the film would not be what we thought it would because of Zack Snyder’s departure & Joss Whedon taking over as director, which meant that the pieces […]

First Trailer For HBO Max’s Mortal Kombat Trailer Arrives!

HBO Max has finally released the first trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat film. The film was originally scheduled for a March release on the streaming platform but it’s been pushed back to April. We got the chance to see some scenes from the upcoming movie during a promo video for the upcoming films […]

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 is the follow-up to the 2018 film Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’ that was a slam dunk in many fans’ eyes due to Gadot & Chris Pine’s performance & Patty Jinkens helmsmanship. With the Snyder Cut being announced for March 2021 on HBO Max, most fans looked at Wonder Woman 1984 as […]

Marvel Studios Reveals Domonique Thorne As Ironheart

Ever since the disheartening death of Tony Stark/Iron Man in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, fans have been wondering just who would step up to be the new Iron Man. Jokingly, some said that Peter Parker would become the new Tony while Ty Simpkins from the Iron Man 3 film who was also seen at Tony’s […]

HBO Is Rebooting ‘True Blood’

Most of us are used to Hollywood rebooting beloved films for the new generation but it’s rare to come across television shows that get the same treatment. Well, it looks like HBO will be rebooting one of their fan-favorite shows & some fans might not be with this move. HBO announced today that they […]

Jamie Foxx’s Electro To Return In Spider-Man 3

News on Disney’s Spider-Man has been very slow & the plot of the third film has been tossed back & forth between fans. Today, The Hollywood Reporter brought some surprising news about the upcoming third film that will surely shock some fans. Word broke today that Jaime Foxx will be joining the third Spider-Man […]