EVO To Hold Dragon Ball FighterZ Exhibition Matches This Weekend

In a move Goku himself would be proud of, fans will get to see real time gameplay of the  upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ (see the E3 2017 trailer here) this weekend at EVO 2017. Bandai Namco Entertainment is letting some of the world’s top players battle it out on stream in an early build version of […]

FLCL Seasons 2&3 Trailer released

After years of waiting, the critically acclaimed, cult classic anime FLCL will return for season’s 2 and 3. After having been announced early last year, a new trailer was released at Anime Expo that gives slight glimpses of the upcoming two seasons. There are shots of The Medical Mechanica building, what looks to be […]

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 97 – “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!” Review

Finally, the Tournament of Power arc has arrived. We’ve spent time watching Gohan regain his Ultimate power, Frieza joining Universe 7’s squad & watching backstabbing ensue between Gods & fighters. Now that the fighters from the different universes are togethr& are ready to participate in this dangerous & life-changing tournament, we can now sit […]

New Trailer For Dragon Ball Z 4D Film Released

A few weeks back, Dragon Ball fans were shocked to see that a new Dragon Ball Z movie in the form of a 4D film was heading their way. The new movie will feature Broly, who has gained a new level of power that rivals Super Saiyan God Blue. A new trailer was released […]

Dragon Ball Super Gets New Tournament of Power Trailer; New Key Visual Released

Folks, the day that all Dragon Ball Super viewers have been waiting weeksince for is here. The Tournament of Power arc has finally arrived & to get viewers ready for what looks like an amazing arc, a new trailer was released this morning. Take a look at the trailer below. The Tournament of Power […]

Future Trunks Revealed In New Screen From Dragon Ball Fighter Z

It was revealed last week via the Shōnen Jump Magazine that the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z game will indeed feature Future Trunks. Although this was something most fans & gamers of the Dragon Ball franchise were expecting, the news still gave most of us something to smile about. Today, via the Japanese Twitter […]

Basilisk Sequel Manga Will Arrive This Summer

For those of you that are fans of Masaaki Segawa‘s Basilisk manga, we have some great news for you. It was revealed today via 2017’s 30th issue of Kodansha‘s Weekly Young Magazine that the 2003 Basilisk manga will get a sequel manga titled Basilisk: Ōka Ninpō-chō (Basilisk – The Ōka Ninja Scrolls) in the 34th issue on July 24. The manga […]

Attack On Titan Season 2, Episode 12 – Scream (Season Finale) Review

This season has come and past so fast, I can barely believe it. I feel like over the past 12 weeks we haven’t really gotten much resolved when it comes to the new questions raised throughout this season, nor any of the lingering ones from season 1. For instance, when the hell is Eren […]

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Gets a New Story Trailer

Tonight, Sony tried to build the hype for its Cinematic Story Mode in the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. The trailer gave us some new tidbits. After some some quick gameplay flashes, we get a location shot of Stark Tower where our team is debating a desperate plan. They have Thanos imprisoned and he’s […]

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Trailer Released

It was revealed on Friday that Dragon Ball Fighter Z will be hitting the PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC early next year. During the Xbox E3 Comference, Microsoft revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z game. Hiroaki, producer on the game said that he aimed for a 2.5D fighting […]