Spider-Man Swings Onto The PlayStation 4 This Fall; Deluxe Edition & Collector’s Edition Revealed

It was last year’s E3 that caught the attention of Marvel fans around the globe when Insomniac Games revealed that they are working on a Spider-Man game. Not only was the game beautiful to look at, but New York City is incredibly larger than previous entries & the game mechanics seemed more fluid than […]

The Fantastic Four Will Return To Comic Books This Summer

When Marvel canceled Fantastic 4 comics, the cry out from fans was subtle. Most comic book readers felt that the Fantastic Four was dragging its feet & lacked a strong presence in the comics. It was last year that Fantastic Four comic book writer Jonathan Hickman revealed that Marvel’s public announcement that Marvel’s claim that the lack of […]

Deadpool animated series from FXX canned

Last May, official word came out that an animated series following “The merc with a mouth” Deadpool was ordered by basic cable channel FXX, the sister station to FX. Fans rejoiced as the potential of getting a true adaption of Deadpool’s hyperviolent exploits would finally be lived out. Adding to the excitement, Donald Glover […]

Warner Bros. Pictures Confirms Ava DuVernay Will Helm New Gods Film

Warner Bros. Pictures just rocked the comic book community by announcing a New Gods movie & by revealing the person who will helm the film. The studio announced today that Ava DuVernay will be directing the upcoming New Gods film! This is huge news & definitely solidifies DuVernay as a hot topic & major […]

Hot Toys Reveals Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby Bobble-Head Collectibles

With Avengers: Infinity War being the main highlight in the minds of most comic book readers & moviegoers, Hot Toys has revealed some adorable collectibles that might leave the most hardened collector smiling. If these aren’t enough to get them smiling either, they could also look somewhere for 100% handmade custom bobbleheads to be […]

Scott Eastwood Is Interested In Playing Wolverine On The Big Screen

After Hugh Jackman let it be known that he will not be returning to the Wolverine role, fans of the character began to fan cast for who they wanted to see play him. The majority  eyes looked to Scott Eastwood to replace Hugh Jackman & Eastwood has entertained the idea on a few occasions. […]

Lil Yachty Joins Teen Titan GO! to The Movies As Green Lantern

Well, Warner Bros. is bringing in new faces to their upcoming Teen Titans GO! to The Movies. According to the USA Today, WB has cast recording artists Lil Yachty as the Green Lantern John Stewart & Halsey as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film. Yes, they really did this. There are a number of […]

Kristen Wiig Confirmed As Cheetah For Wonder Woman Sequel

Last week, it was revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures was in talks with Kristen Wiig to join the Wonder Woman sequel as the villain Cheetah. Most people were split on this decision, due to Wig being more in the comedic light than anything else, but others remained optimistic about Wiig joining the cast. Well, […]

Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana Takes On Shazam In Leaked Set Video

We posted a leaked set video earlier today that showed Zachary Levi’s Shazam saving some people on a bus from what could’ve been a disaster. There was no audio in the video, but you can grasp what going on. A new video was released moments after that shows a brief confrontation between Mark Strong’s […]

Leaked Set Video From Warner Bros. Pictures Shazam Shows The Hero In Action

Warner Bros. Pictures Shazam! is currently shooting & not much has been released about the film. Zachary Levi did release an image of him in his Shazam! costume that did have some fans still complaining about his lack of muscular size in his costume. Despite the slow buzz for Shazam!, a video has leaked […]