New Still From Avengers: Infinity War Focuses On Black Panther & Captain America Preparing For War

Last week, Marvel rocked moviegoers with some fantastic news that came in the form of the Avengers: Infinity War film getting a week early release! Although some may think it was minor, seeing the film a week early is definitely beneficial for everyone worldwide. Total Film released the a new photo from the upcoming […]

Marvel Moves Avengers: Infinity War To April

It seems like Marvel is full of favorable surprises & they know how to please their fans year round. The small trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released during the Super Bowl & fans lost their minds over the footage & hungered for May to see their favorite comic book characters go against Thanos […]

Kristen Wiig front runner to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman Sequel

Wonder Woman’s success in the summer of 2017 was a highlight in the bleak world of the DCEU. Fans couldn’t help but speculate the next villian to go toe to toe with Diana in the inevitable sequel. Some say the sorceress Circe would be next or even the nameless child of Zeus’ First Born […]

Joss Whedon Exits Warner Bros. Pictures Batgirl

Warner Bros. Pictures & DC have been in the frying pan ever since 2017’s Justice League film hit the theaters & flopped in the eyes of some fans. The film left fans divided between Zack Snyder’s cut of the film & Joss Whedon’s cut of the film, but we were looking forward to seeing […]

Black Panther Review #2

The film that most comic book fans & the so-called black community have been waiting for is finally here. Black Panther has finally hit the big screen & despite the controversy surrounding the film, because of it’s all so-called black cast, the hype around this film is above & beyond what most people thought […]

Black Panther Review #1

Marvel Studio’s eighteenth film in the decorated and praised Marvel Cinematic Universe is Black Panther. Highly anticipated and hyped with good damn reason. An impressive cast of talent and known actors and actresses, a director in Ryan Coogler who has an eye for great story telling and getting the best performances from his cast […]

Prism Stalker #1 Review

Prism Stalker is a new series from Sloane Leong, a self-taught artist and writer who has done guest artist work for Image Comics and D.C. Comics, but got full artist credit for the series From Under Mountains issues #1 through #6 for Image in 2016. Sloane gets a chance to not only draw, but […]

Death of Love Issue # 1 Review

Love is a many-splendored thing, or so I’ve heard. Romantic Comedies and love songs would have you believe there your soulmate is out there somewhere waiting for your call. Reality tells you, that’s just not the case. Dating is a game, yet everyone seems to be playing by a different set of rules. Love […]

Michael Bay courted to direct DC’s Lobo

In an exclusive report from The Wrap, Michael Bay has been sought to direct Lobo for Warner Bros. The report stats Bay has given notes to writer Jason Fuchs, who co wrote 2017’s hit Wonder Woman with Zack Snyder and Allan Heinberg. These notes will be incorporated into the current treatment for Lobo and […]

WB In Talks With Joaquin Phoenix To Play Joker In Standalone Film

For a few months now, WB revealed that thay were in the early stages of making a Joker standalone film, which most fans turned their backs on right away. The word was that Leonardo DiCaprio was in talks to play Joker, but we now have confirmation that it was only a hard rumor. Variety […]