Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

When Justice League dropped in 2017, it was met with hardened disappointment from fans & casual moviegoers across the board. Most of us knew going in that the film would not be what we thought it would because of Zack Snyder’s departure & Joss Whedon taking over as director, which meant that the pieces […]

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 is the follow-up to the 2018 film Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’ that was a slam dunk in many fans’ eyes due to Gadot & Chris Pine’s performance & Patty Jinkens helmsmanship. With the Snyder Cut being announced for March 2021 on HBO Max, most fans looked at Wonder Woman 1984 as […]

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

The final Star Wars film in this new trilogy has arrived & was met with some mixed reviews from longtime fans & casual moviegoers. The Rise of Skywalker had a lot of heat from fans coming out of the gate because of its predecessor The Last Jedi, which left two years of a bad […]

IT: Chapter 2 Review

IT: Chapter 2 picks up 27 years after the events from the first film & follows the Losers Club as adults, who now have to remember their promise & return to Derry to take down Pennywise for the final time. Sadly, the sequel does not have the balanced story that the first film has. […]

The Lion King Review

Disney doesn’t seem to be slowing down with their moves to flip their beloved animated films to live-action films for a new generation of moviegoers. In some ways, this change has been welcomed with open arms by moviegoers that were around to see the original animated films but the live-actions films like Maleficent, Cinderella […]

Hellboy Review

When the word hit that highly anticipated third entry in the Guillermo del Toro Hellboy series was being dropped, many fans of the two films jumped up to shake their angry fists at the studio for dropping the film. To throw salt in the wound, Lionsgate announced that they were rebooting the series without […]

Mile 22 Review

Mile 22’s story follows an “off the books” CIA task force that must escort a defecting “low level” cop out of Southeast Asia. In exchange for sanctuary in the United States from a government driven to capture him, the now “High Level Asset” will reveal locations of a deadly substance that can be used […]

Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

It’s hard to believe the Mission Impossible film franchise has been around for 22 years. I wasn’t even 10 years old when the first film released in theaters in May 1996.Oddly, I saw Mission Impossible 2 first thanks to Santa in Christmas 2000(Fun Fact: Mission Impossible 2 was the first DVD I owned). I […]

Ant-Man and The Wasp Review

The 20th film in the ever growing MCU has arrived in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Fans of the MCU are in a pretty bad funk after the gut punching ending of Avengers: Infinity War. The emptiness that took over for months seemed to cloud the anticipation of this final installment for the MCU’s biggest […]

Hereditary Review

Production company A24 have developed a pattern of releasing a horror movie that dazzles at film festivals and ultimately become instant classics in the eyes of horror fans. The track record speaks for itself with 2016’s The VVitch and 2017’s It Comes at Night both living up to the hype built behind them. Can […]