HBO Max Welcomes ‘Warrior’ Season 3 Home

Cinemax’s ‘Warrior’ series solidified itself as a fan favorite out the gate in 2019. Not only did fans fall in love with the well-balanced action in the series, but we also respected it because it’s based on an original concept & treatment by Bruce Lee, & is executive-produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee, & […]

Marvel Studios Reveals Domonique Thorne As Ironheart

Ever since the disheartening death of Tony Stark/Iron Man in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, fans have been wondering just who would step up to be the new Iron Man. Jokingly, some said that Peter Parker would become the new Tony while Ty Simpkins from the Iron Man 3 film who was also seen at Tony’s […]

HBO Is Rebooting ‘True Blood’

Most of us are used to Hollywood rebooting beloved films for the new generation but it’s rare to come across television shows that get the same treatment. Well, it looks like HBO will be rebooting one of their fan-favorite shows & some fans might not be with this move. HBO announced today that they […]

Animaniacs Reboot Gets Reveal Date & Teaser Trailer

Fans of the 1995 Warner Bros. animated series Animaniacs will be happy to know that the series is getting a reboot via Hulu. The original voice cast is returning, so the nostalgia will remain. Hulu took to the internet to reveal a teaser trailer for the 27th year anniversary of the show & revealed […]

Revival Of X-Men: The Animated Series In The Works On Disney+

When Disney took over 20th Century Fox, fans of the X-Men films wondered just how Disney would handle the property or even if we’d see the return of the X-Men in an animated form. While might be wondering about the Marvel Cinematic Universe embracing the X-Men, it looks like Disney has been making some […]

Ren & Stimpy Is Set To Get A Reboot On Comedy Central

Adults that grew up in the 80’s & 90’s are witnessing a resurgence of cartoons from those eras being remade for today’s audience. Shows like He-Man, Beavis & Butt-head, Clone High & Shera are a couple that have been touched by the reboot button. News hit today that Comedy Central will be welcoming the […]

Beavis & Butt-Head Reboot Announced

Back in March of 1993, MTV aired its first of many hilarious & head-rocking Beavis & Butt-Head episodes. The show literally rocked & brought about some hilarious & memorable lines that have stuck with its fans today. For those of you that thought you’d only be able to catch the duo on Hulu, you’re […]

The Boondocks Gets Two New Seasons At HBO Max

It was confirmed last month that The Boondocks will be returning & fans of the series were happy to know that Aaron McGruder would be returning as showrunner & executive producer for the show. The Boondocks will return on fall 2020. The new series follows the self-proclaimed “Civil Rights Legend” Robert “Granddad” Freeman, and […]

True Lies Television Series Heads To Disney+

Disney+ is already packing the big guns with it’s November lineup. Not only will all of their Disney animated films, Marvel Cinematic Universe films & Star Wars films & series be there, but it’s been confirmed that the platform will also bring home a rebooted True Lies series. Collider spoke with director McG & […]