Bandai Namco Reveals New Naruto Game

It should come as no surprise that Bandai Namco plans to ride the hype of the Boruto anime series for a long time, especially since the anime is picking up solid numbers & fans as it more forward. It was in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that the announcement of a Naruto/Boruto game will […]

New Bleach Game Arriving Later This Year

Although Bleach’s anime series ended a couple of years ago, the fan base still remains strong & committed to any new project from the anime or manga, especially since they’re still holding on to there being a continuation of the anime one day. It was announced via Shuisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that a new […]

Telltale’s The Walking Dead To End After Season 4

Both good news and bad news out of SDCC for fans of Telltale's The Walking Dead game series. It has been announced today through a behind the scenes video that a fourth and final season will be released sometime in 2018. Through that same video we've come to learn that Clementine (Voiced by Melissa […]

Screens For The Telltale Games Batman: The Enemy Within Arrive

Telltale Games released their take on Batman in 2016 & not only did it rock the house in the gaming community, it received a nod off approval from longtime Batman fans. Thengame followed an already established Batman as he goes up against the mysterious Children of Gotham. This game nspanned 5 episodes & put […]

Telltale Games Announces Season 2 Of The Wolf Amongst Us

It’s been four years since Telltale Games released The Wolf Amongst Us on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. Not only was the game a big hit amongst gamers, but its great story telling & characters pushed fans to go out & start reading the Fablew comic book series that the game is […]

EVO To Hold Dragon Ball FighterZ Exhibition Matches This Weekend

In a move Goku himself would be proud of, fans will get to see real time gameplay of the  upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ (see the E3 2017 trailer here) this weekend at EVO 2017. Bandai Namco Entertainment is letting some of the world’s top players battle it out on stream in an early build version of […]

Shadow of Mordor Free To Play This Weekend

If you followed any part of E3, you probably saw some orcs getting set on fire in that crazy demo for Shadow of War. The action hyped up a lot of fans; who wouldn’t be excited to train and lead your very own Orc army? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, […]

Future Trunks Revealed In New Screen From Dragon Ball Fighter Z

It was revealed last week via the Shōnen Jump Magazine that the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z game will indeed feature Future Trunks. Although this was something most fans & gamers of the Dragon Ball franchise were expecting, the news still gave most of us something to smile about. Today, via the Japanese Twitter […]

Nintendo to release SNES Classic 

Riding off of the hype surrounding it’s limited release NES Classic, Nintendo has today announced that the SNES will be it’s next console to receive the “classic” treatment. The SNES Classic will release on September 29th for a measly $80. It will release with 21 games which include Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, […]

Detroit: Beyond Human – The Revolution Will Be Televised

Detroit: Beyond Human is the latest entry from Quantic Dream (Beyond:Two Souls, Heavy Rain). This game was actually birthed from a tech demo in 2012 but not officially announced until 2015. At E3 2016 they debuted the first trailer and it was nominated for Best Original Game (but lost to Horizon Zero Dawn). That […]