Chris Tucker Confirms Rush Hour 4 Is Happening

New Line Cinema‘s 1998 Rush Hour film hit the ground running with Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan. The mixture of comedy, action & great storytelling built a solid fanbase that is demanding to see another Rush Hour film hit the big screen. The Rush Hour trilogy ended in 2007 & fans have cried out for a a follow-up since then, but we’ve only herd tiny talks about a 4th film coming to fruition.

During ESPN’s podcast The Plug, Tucker shocked listeners when he revealed that Rush Hour 4 is in the works & that he & Chan will be returning for the 4th film!

Tucker said:

“It’s happening. This is gonna be the rush of all rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.”

This is great news, especially since the 2016 Rush Hour series on CBS failed miserably. As of right now, we don’t know if Brett Ratner will be returning to direct the film. Ratner told The Vulture back in 2011 that the reason “why another Rush Hour probably won’t get made, either: It’d be too much to pay me, Chris [Tucker], and Jackie [Chan] to come back.” What do you think about Rush Hour 4? Is this something you’re looking forward to? Let us know.

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