Deadpool animated series from FXX canned

Last May, official word came out that an animated series following “The merc with a mouth” Deadpool was ordered by basic cable channel FXX, the sister station to FX.

Fans rejoiced as the potential of getting a true adaption of Deadpool’s hyperviolent exploits would finally be lived out. Adding to the excitement, Donald Glover was tapped to be the creative force behind the series along with his brother Stephen Glover. Both Glovers would serve as showrunners, executive producers and writers for the series .

FXX has hit the eject button on the series due to the all too familiar “creative differences “excuse. Deadline reports FX is “no longer involved with the project”. There is a potential the series could resurface on a new network, but that is currently just speculation.

FX still has a working relationship with Marvel Television as the psychological thriller series Legion is set to premiere it’s 2nd season April 3rd.

Deadpool can still be seen on the big screen as Deadpool 2 is set to be released in theaters May 18th.

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