Disney Is Developing A Live-Action Kim Possible Film

Here’s the sitch: Disney has begun casting for their live-action version of highly popular Disney Channel Original series Kim Possible.

The movie will be penned by the highly decorated Kim Possible show creators Robert Schooley & Mark McCorkle (Big Hero 6: The Animated Series, Penguins of Madagascar), and writer Josh Cagan (Bandslam, The Duff). Schooley and McCorkle will both serve as executive producers for the upcoming flick as well as Zanne Devine and Josh Cagan who will also serve as exectutive producers. The film will be co-directed by Fox’s On The Lot winners Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky with Blyth Nailling (The Shannara Chronicles) serving as casting director.

For those old enough to remember, Kim Possible followed the eponymous hero into the dangerous world of international espionage and High School. With help from her hapless and sometimes helpless sidekick Ron Stoppable (Voiced by Will Friedle), his pet mole rat Rufus (Voiced by Nancy Cartwright), and Tech Wiz Wade (Voiced by Tahj Mowry), Kim (Voiced by Christy Carlson Romano) was able to save the world from Megalomaniacal villains like Drakken (voiced by John DiMaggio), yet still make it back on time for cheer practice.

The series premiered in 2002 and lasted four seasons and 87 episodes. Until the debut and subsequent run of Phineas & Ferb, Kim Possible was Disney Channel’s longest running program. To this day, it is considered one their greatest and most successful shows. The series garnered several Emmy nominations including Outstanding Animated Program, eventually winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing in 2002. The series spawned two animated Disney Channel Original Movies, A Stich in Time and Kim Possible: So The Drama, as well as a Kim Possible video Game Series.

There is no word yet if any of the original voice cast members will make cameo appearances.

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