Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 – God of Destruction Power Review

First & foremost, let’s give Vegeta a hand because he’s come a long way from that 4 foot tall Saiyan that came to earth trying to take Goku down. In last month’s Dragon Ball Super issue, we saw Vegeta step up to the plate with a new power & transformation rooted from his training with Beerus before he & Granolah left for Granolah’s homeworld Cereal. Vegeta caught Granolah off-guard by this sudden display of power & by his new godlike transformation.

Chapter 75 picked up with Vegeta tossing Granolah around like a ragdoll & showing him just how terrifying he could be. Some may say that I am too deep, but I saw this as symbolism for Vegeta fighting his past. We all know Vegeta was & still is a cocky & prideful some of a Saiyan & Granolah mirrors Vegeta’s coming into power & getting carried away with it. I noticed this in the last issue when he told Granolah that he knew he had just obtained the power he beat Goku down with, but that’s just an observation of mine.

It’s clear that Vegeta is straight out enjoying this new power & that this new power has elevated Vegeta’s ego. While looking down on Granolah in typical Vegeta fashion, Granolah asked Vegeta why he didn’t dodge his attacks as Goku did in his Ultra Instinct. Vegeta responded to his question by telling Granolah not to compare his form to Goku’s Ultra Instinct, followed by this awesome line: “Kakarot’s body may have a mind of its own, but I am all ego. In fact, go ahead and call this Ultra Ego.” Man, I miss seeing Vegeta floss on the battlefield.

However, most of us knew that even though Vegeta broke out this new transformation & was dominating the fight, it wouldn’t last for long. Once Granolah tossed Oatmeel to the side for trying to talk sense to him about possibly being lied to about Goku & Vegeta, I knew there was going to be a shift. Once you see any anime character toss aside their gear, you know it’s about to get ugly for the opposition. I also hope that readers noticed that even though Vegeta was in his Ultra Ego form, Granolah’s attacks were still doing heavy damage to him. That punch to the forehead had Vegeta leaking.

Granolah told Vegeta that he would use their battle to make up for his lack of experience & he started to push back against Vegeta. Vegeta began to weaken because he was too overconfident & took on more damage than he thought he could, which is typical Vegeta. Although his vision was becoming blurry, he was still going all out with energy attacks & decided to hit Granolah massive energy attack that would take out Cereal if not destroyed. Granolah positioned his right arm as if he was going to snipe Vegeta out of the sky but then awakened the red pupil in his left eye & used his left & right hands to destroy the massive energy attack.

Granolah’s attack destroyed Vegeta’s attack & left Vegeta puzzled at how this could happen. I did like that Granloah flipped Vegeta’s line against him: “I have to thank you, Saiyan. …For drawing out this power of mine.” This wasn’t surprising & I wasn’t expecting Vegeta to take Granolah out. I mean, Goku, Vegeta & Granolah will be teaming up against the Heeters soon, especially since the end of the manga showed us that the Heeters are about to find their first Dragon Ball. I am curious to see how Monaito will play a part in the story down the line. I almost forgot he was still around & I feel that there’s more to his character that Toriyama is holding back for the moment.

Overall, this was a solid chapter, but I honestly wanted to see Vegeta fight a bit more in that form. Having Vegeta fall to his own acknowledged flaw felt like a copout. I will say that I don’t think we’ll be spending a lot of time on Cereal in the upcoming manga & we might see Piccolo or Gohan step up to take down the Heeters on earth.




  • Seeing Vegeta tap back into his ferocity was a breath of fresh air.
  • Toyotarou's attention to detail in this issue was perfect.


  • We didn't spend much time with Vegeta's new form & nothing new was presented.