Dragon Ball Super, Episode 124 – “The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan’s Last Stand!!” Review

Last week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super had not only the Goku fans jumping for joy but also had the Vegeta fans touching the sky, because of his new awakened form. As some have hesrd, Dragon Ball Super is reportedly ending in March, which is why the balance of fighting & revealing of new forms means that much more to fans who’ve been with Dragon Ball Super since the start.

The episode kicks off with Goku & Vegeta ham!erinf away at Jiren. The consistent attacks that the two are hitting Jiren with are pushing him back to the point where even his team on the sideline are becoming worries. However, this comes to half once Jiren emerges unscathed from their combined energey blast. It’s very clear that Jiren is beginning to take the two very seriously, as he acknowledged Vegeta as a warrior in the last episode, but he has yet to unless his full power. We did get to see him tease his full strength when he fought Goku & shocked spectators with his punches on Goku, but he retracted his power soon after.

The match between Frieza & Dyspo continues to be the most entertaining next to Goku & Vegeta vs Jiren. Dyspo seemed to be pushing Frieza into a corner with his blinding speed, but when Frieza seemed to be down for the count, he hit Dyspo with an offer he thought he couldn’t refuse. Frieza offered Dyspo his allegiance if he would bring him back to life with the dragon balls. This was a tense scene but lasted shortly due to Dyspo turning down Frieza’s offer. But the scene quickly changed pace once Frieza put his offer aside & transforming into his golden form.

Frieza’s transformation only brought temporary calm to Universe 7’s benched team, because Dyspo unleashed some additional power that increased his speed to the point where Beerus had to call out for Frieza to get assistance, which then causes Gohan to come to his aide. Gohan & Frieza teaming up again was more entertaining this time around, because of Gohan’s serious intent to kick Frieza out of the ring if he chose to betray him. Gohan saw through Dyspo’s speed & came up with a plan with Frieza that ultimately barricaded him & Dyspo in a portion of the area that was surrounded by Frieza’s energy beams. When it looked at though Gohan would deliver the final blow to Dyspo, Frieza’s lack of stamina caused Dyspo to move freely again for an instant, but he was quickly grabbed by Gohan. Gohan told Frieza to knock him & Dyspo out of the ring to which he obliged, ending Gohan & Dyspo’s time in this tournament.

This was a solid episode in whole, but I feel like Toriyama once Again snuffed any chance of us getting to see Gohan evolve or possibly surpass the standard saviors in the Dragon Ball Z/Super series. The last time Gohan did anything of world changing importance was during the Cell saga. It was teased that Gohan had a new power that was to be shown in this tournament & throughout the arc, he was playing the background. It should’ve been 17 to take Dyspo down & leave Gohan to stand his ground in this tournament.

I do like how the episode continue to focus on one battle than jumping around every other couple of minutes to give everyone some screen time. With Goku, Vegeta & 17 left in the ring for Universe 7, we can only hope that 17 gets to shine in his match against Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 124 - "The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!!" Review





  • We were given less time with Goku, Vegeta & Jiren & more time with Frieza & Gohan
  • Frieza & Gohan's alliance was more entertaining to watch this time around


  • Gohan was once again brushed under the rug for other characters to shine more

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