Dragon Ball Super, Episode 63 – “Do Not Disgrace the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain of Vegeta’s Fierce Battle Rises!” Review

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Last week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super might’ve hit some as somewhat of a disappointment. Most fans thought that Trunks was going to hit a new level & show Black & Zamasu who’s the boss, but he was pushed aside easily. Despite Trunks being pushed aside, Goku & Vegeta had to travel back to their timeline again, because they still can’t beat Goku Black & Zamasu. However, the episode landed on a solid note with Goku heading to Roshi’s to learn & master the Mafūba, a move made famous in Dragon Ball when Roshi used it against Piccolo.

The episode starts off with a bang! I mean, we last left off with Vegeta heading to Kame’s Tower to train in the Room of Spirit & Time. Judging by the destruction caused during his training, which
vlcsnap-2016-10-23-08h15m15s298left the Room of Spirit & Time completely destroyed, Vegeta is content in the level he’s reached. In past episodes, especially the last one, we saw that Bulma & other characters relied solely on Goku to defeat Black & Zamasu, which caused Vegeta’s pride to be picked apart, especially since Bulma said it in front of Trunks. Honestly, Vegeta’s pride was hit hard when Trunks first came from the future & was amazed at Goku’s progression of strength, without acknowledging that his father might’ve reached or surpassed Goku’s current level.

The episode really picked up when it focused on Trunks’ future. Yes, Trunks is back in action, due to Yajirobe giving him a senzu bean. Turnks wakes up looking for Mai & is told that she went to Black’s hideout to take him down for good. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but when a protagonist, especially one that is inferior in strength, tries to take down a superior antagonist, I usually start rooting for the antagonist. I mean, in Dragon Ball, Goku was shot with a gun in the face, & it was light pain to him. Did Mai really think that a “special bullet” would do much? Nevermind the fact that she missed!

After Black & Zamasu did their team up energy blast & shot it at Mai & her men, Trunks came & joined the fight. Once Mai was sent on her way, Trunks took on Black & Zamasu alone. Trunks has grown strategically since his last interaction with Black & Zamasu. Where he mainly relied on tricks or Goku & Vegeta, he seems to have grounded his enemies movements in his mind. Viewers might’ve lost it when they saw Trunks use Galick Gun on Black & sent him crashing into a mountain, to what looked like his ultimate defeat. But Zamasu stepped in, & when it looked like Trunks was about to sacrafice himself to kill Zamasu, Black stepped in & stabbed Trunks, which knocked him out of his Super Saiyan state.


To much surprise, Goku, Bulma & Vegeta appeared in the future, as Trunks had been defeated. Due to Trunks’ lost of stamina & Black’s last attack, Trunks is near death, but this is the least of Vegeta & Goku’s worries. Black fired an attack at the time machine, which blew it up — stranding Goku, Bulma & Vegeta in the future. Not only were they stranded, but Goku left the Mafūba container inside the time machine, which was just set on fire. Although this was their main weapon of choice to defeat Zamasu & Black, the two saiyans decided that taking on their two opponents, with their fists, would be more entertaining.

The battle was put on hold as Gowasu & Supreme Kai appeared on the battlefield. Although his pleads & disappointment fell on deaf ears, Gowasu tried to reach out to his Zamasu. As Black & Zamasu fired a devastating blast at Gowasu & Supreme Kai, Goku & Vegeta, in their Super Saiyan Blue forms blocked the attack. However, despite Goku still being in his goofy state of mind, he turned to Gowasu & Supreme Kai with a serious tone & basically told them that they’re in the way.

With Goku & Vegeta warning the two Kai’s that they would not save them again, the two saiyans took off for Black & Zamasu, with Vegeta wanting Black, because he looks identical to Goku. We didn’t get to see much of Goku laying it in on Zamasu, but this was a solid vlcsnap-2016-10-23-09h14m39s291move, because the episode was to be focused on Vegeta & his new strength. Vegeta fighting Black was definitely a fight that left me on the edge of my seat & gave me chills when he broke down why Black could not master Goku’s body. Not only was Vegeta ruining Black’s day by blocking all of his attacks, he was once again giving Goku the respect he deserves.

The overall episode was pretty solid. I mainly enjoyed this episode because it didn’t continuously jump back & forth between the past & present, & it also wasn’t a comedic episode. The episode wasn’t without flaws, but it wrapped up with a solid climax that will keep viewers biting their nails until the next episode. Hey, good thing Dragon Ball Xenoverse lands Tuesday, huh?

By the way, you know, Super really makes Vegeta & Trunks, much more interesting & driven than they were in Dragon Ball Z. I can only hope that this means in future arcs we’ll get to see Gohan & Goten becoming much stronger, down the line.


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