Dragon Ball Super, Episode 64 – “Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu’s Explosive Birth!” Review

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After last week’s explosive episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans’ radars were finely tuned in on Vegeta. In earlier reviews, I stated that Dragon Ball Super seemed to be subtly centered on Vegeta’s growth & preparing him for something great — over telling another story or series where Goku is doing all of the day saving & such. If last week’s episode indicated anything, it’s that Vegeta has definitely earned the respect of fans that have doubted his growth as a character & strength throughout Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball GT.

Now, with that being said, the question most viewers wanted to know is if Vegeta’s moment of shine would reach a climax of dimness by the next episode. Well, folks, we get a solid answer in this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super.

During Vegeta’s beatdown on Black, Black realizes where Vegeta’s power stems from — his anger. As is the core of every Saiyans transformation or growth in power throughout the series, anger is the key to unlocking incredible strength. We’ve seen this with Goku, Vegeta & Trunks’ first Super Saiyan transformation, Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation, etc, etc. However, what Black does is inflicts pain on himself. which sparks his anger & unlocks some dormant power.

After Black unlocks his newfound power, his energy saber transforms into a scythe, which is a weapon mostly used by the grim vlcsnap-2016-10-30-16h07m38s088reaper or someone or something that harbors death. With a swing of his new weapon, Black slices accidently made some kind of tear within the fabric of time. Black is so strong that he is unaware of his own strength.

Goku, being Goku, is still trying to damage Zamasu, but his attacks are in vain. Not only can’t Zamasu be damaged, because of his immortality, but something is looming in the rip Black made in time earlier. The thing I found a bit odd was that the scene jumped from a clash between Goku, Vegeta, Black & Zamasu to Black being able to make clones of himself from the pink mist in the rip. Even if this was an odd decision, it really had me wondering just what it is that Black accidently made & if Goku & Vegeta could somehow utilize it.


Zamasu didn’t spend much time with Goku, as he decided to head towards Trunks, Bulma & Mai, so he could kill them & increase Goku & Vegeta’s power through anger. In the meantime, Bulma has come up with a bright idea to have Trunks use the Mafūba to seal Zamasu. When Zamasu finally reached Trunks, he was confronted by a flirtatious Bulma who tried to through off his concentration. Obviously, her attempts to throw him off didn’t work, but what it
did do was fuel Trunks’ anger & focus to perform the Mafūba on Zamasu perfectly, but due to Roshi not giving them the seal before they left, Zamasu escaped.

What followed was pretty amazing & somewhat confirms what is to follow. Zamasu & Black fused together & formed Zamasu. I know some fans might’ve been scratching their heads, but you have to remember that Zamasu & Black are technically the same being. All in all, this was a solid episode & it’s safe to say that we will see Vegitto emerge in future episodes – with Supreme Kai & Gowasu being there, it’s almost certain.

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