Dragon Ball Super, Episode 77 – “Let’s Do It, Zen-Oh! The Universe’s Greatest Martial Arts Tournament!!” Review

The wait is finally over! Yes, Dragon Ball Super’s Universal Tournament arc is finally underway. Sure, the fillers were somewhat enjoyable & some did expand on characters that were mainly overlooked in the series, but I think I speak for most fans when I say that this is the arc that we’ve been waiting to lock our eyes on.

As soon as the episode starts we see the two Zen-Oh sama’s destroying planets, as though they were playing chess. Some might overlook this as their way of playing what they think is an innocent game, which they reveal is boring, but I think this underlines the Zen-Oh sama’s s coldness & reveals more of their cold shoulder towards life throughout the universe.

The episode picks up after Goku leaves the farmer’s market & is almost tricked by a group of robbers into giving up his truck. Although we know this is light work for Goku, it was sure entertaining to see him dispose of the criminals. I mean, he plucked one guy through a boulder & plucked a bullet at one guy’s head, which knocked him out. Even though Goku has become incredibly powerful, he was still somewhat caught off guard by a bullet fired at him. He even said to himself that: “He can’t laugh at Krillin no more.” In other words, he still feels he needs more training, which isn’t unusual fro Goku to say.

Toriyama finally lifted the veil on Bulma being pregnant. So, yes, we know that Bra is on the way, but it was a surprise for Goku to see Bulma pregnant. If Toriyama continues to move forward with fleshing out Bra’s growth throughout the series & her interactions with other characters, the void will be filled on her character, especially since even in GT, we only got minor scenes with her character. By the way, it was a nice touch to see Vegeta pacing back & forth, thinking about his child. It seems pretty obvious that Bra will definitely change Vegeta’s character forever. In fact, I’m guessing that we’ll start to see the GT Vegeta emerge — hopefully without the 60’s pornstach.

Later in the episode, we see Goku make his way to Beerus’ planet with Whis, who only took Goku because he promised him some new delicacies. However, besides a minor scene with Whis training Goku, we see this calm episode shift once Goku brings up the universe tournament to Beerus. Obviously, Beerus & Whis know of the true nature Zen-Oh sama hides behind his innocence. Hell, Beerus even threatens Goku with death if he planned on disobeying him & going to remind Zen-Oh sama about the tournament. The scene was very tense, but it was quickly shifted once Goku clicked the button Zen-Oh sama gave him & went to see him.

As expected, the present day Zen-Oh sama did forget about the universe tournament, while the future one remembered. Once the future Zen-Oh sama told the present day one that this would be fun, they both agreed to host the tournament. Again, we got to see their carelessness with life when they got excited & knocked over some planets that they were playing with. One of the planets was destroyed when it hit the Great Priest’s foot.

All-in-all, this was a solid way to start off the new arc. I know some people might’ve considered this to be a dry episode, but we were teased with a number of things that will certainly pave the way to a new arc or a solid conclusion to this one. I mean, we know that Gohan will probably join this tournament & get stronger to protect his family, but now that Bra is about to be born, to what levels will Vegeta strive to surpass to protect his new daughter & his family?

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