Dragon Ball Super, Episode 88 – “Gohan and Piccolo – Teacher and Pupil Clash in Max Training!” Review

Two weeks ago, fans were in an uproar about how Android 17 was able to go toe-to-toe with Goku as a Super Saiyan Blue. Although the information as to why this was possible was said by Android 17, some fans still decided to rage over it.

With Android 17’s story pretty much wrapped up, it’s time for everyone’s attention to land back on Gohan, who has been disappointing to most. We got to see Gohan shine during the Golden Frieza arc & during the test rounds of the Universal Survival Tournament, but as Goku said, therected wasn’t much to Gohan’s power, so he needs to gain his fighting senses back. & who better to draw that out than his first master Piccolo.

When the episode starts, we see Piccolo somewhat toying around with Gohan to get a solid sense on where his power level is. Piccolo reveals to Gohan that Goku had already approached him about the tournament & that he said he would participate in it & train Gohan to get him back where he should be. But even as a Super Saiyan, Gohan was still no match for Piccolo. What most people tend to forget is that Piccolo is what we’d call a master strategists. At the end of the day, even if he’s weaker than his opponent, he will still exploit their weakness with ease.

The episode escalated when Piccolo talked Gohan through what his true weakness is, which is his arrogance when obtaining new power. I believe this became clear when he fought Cell as Super Saiyan 2, but it definitely wasn’t hard to miss when he fought Super Buu, which Piccolo made sure to bring up. However, seeing Gohan reawaken his Ultimate form is definitely one of my favorite moments in the series so far. Just seeing that one piece of hair dropping down over his  row was

As in every episode of Dragon Ball Super, there was a well-balanced serving of comedy & fleshing out of characters. The core of the comedy mainly took place in the Bulla needing to be changed scene, because Beerus wanted to rain on Bulma’s carefree attitude by telling her that their universe could be destroyed, but it was Whistler who reenacted Bulma’s attitude & put Beerus in check. We also got to see Vegeta in daddy mode by changing Bulla’s diaper. We also got to spend some time with Cabba & we’re introduced to a new character named Renso, who is the former captain of the Sadala Saiyan Defense Force. Cabba going there to ask Renso to participate in the tournament gave viewers somewhat of a tease on how powerful he must’ve been before his foot injury. Nevertheless, Renso turned him down & instead told Cabba to ask his sister Caulifla to participate instead, who turns out to be that female saiyan that can transform into that Broly-like form.

It should come as no surprise that Piccolo training Gohan is the highlight of this episode. Was the key to unlocking his “Ultimate” form a bit of a lackluster? Yes. But seeing Gohan awaken his Ultimate form again did bring a smile to my face, as I am sure it did with all of the viewers. But what I found more satisfying is that Piccolo sensed additional hidden power within Gohan that he wants Gohan to tapings. I really want them to go into the Room of Spirit & Time, but it might just end up with them training in the mountains. Whatever happens with Gohan ‘shine newfound power after he trains with Piccolo, I just hope we see it for the first time when he’s in a tough match.

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