Dragon Ball Super, Episode 93 – “You’re the Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes To See Frieza!!” Review

A few months back is when viewers of the Dragon Ball Super series were hit with a surprising piece of information. It was with much glee that fans found out that they would be seeing their first Super Saiyan female in the Super series. Last week, Caulifla turned out to be that Super Saiyan, but she wasn’t the one most fans had their eyes locked in seeing. In fact, the one we wanted to see was Kale, whose appearance sparked a cord with fans, because it reminded us of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

The episode kicked off with Goku revealing to the gang that he plans on replacing Buu with Frieza. Although mostly everyone was against Goku’s decision, he quickly shifted everyone’s doubts in favor of bringing Frieza onto the Universe 7 team. There was a slightly tense moment where Vegetables asked Goku if he felt that they could win without Frieza & Goku gave him an intense stare & asked Whis what he thought. Whiskey did reveal that he didn’t know much about the other universes, but he did tell Goku that there was a mortal from another universe that could beat Beerus & that this mortal is a God of Destruction. I am sure this is a character we have yet to see, but I have a feeling this new character will end up becoming somewhat of a new antagonist during the tournament.

Elsewhere, Cabba & Caulifla are trying to push Kale into transforming into a Super Saiyan. Kale tried doing it the way Caulifla accomplished her transformation, but it wasn’t working for her. After the initial failed attempt, they tried to make Kale angry by insulting her, but the thing that pushed her rage beyond their levels was seeing Caulifla & Cabba becoming closer, due to their newfound power.

Kale’s transformation was a bit of a lackluster. I mean, sure it was cool to finally see the female Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, but we didn’t get much from her transformation outside of the green energy projectiles & an extremely quick blow-for-blow match with Cabba. I did catch that their seems to be more than a protégé relationship going in between Caulifla & Kale. This was brought to my attention when Caulifla & Cabba were trying to figure out why she kept going for Cabba. It wasn’t until after Caulifla told Kale that she held no interest in Cabba that Kale powered down. Very interesting.

The Goku going to Frieza’s he’ll & asking him to join the team part of the episode wasn’t as tense as I thought it would be. We do know that Frieza will continue to train & aim to surpass his current transformation & that he made a deal with Goku that states if he wins the tournament, they have to revive him with the earth Dragonballs. Frieza exploited Goku’s weakness to always want to see his opponents get stringer & fight them again. This is an additional reason why Goku released Frieza & added him to the Universe 7 team.

We were introduced to a new God of Destruction, Quitela & his Angel, Kuru. Quitela sent a spy to monitor Universe 7’s team & activity, which is how the information about Frieza’s release reached his ear. Quitela’s power is unknown, but it’s clear that he has some rooted hatred for Beerus & him out of the way. It also feels that Toriyama is either trying to figure out how he wants to handle female Super Saiyans or that he’s holding them back. I hope if he is holding back that he’s planning to release their chains when the tournament starts. I do want to point out that Caulifla became a Super Saiyan 2 within one episode of turning Super Saiyan. Yeah, I saw that Toriyama. I may be wrong, but I think Toriyama is hinting at female Saiyans being able to progress in strength faster than the males.

Episode 93 was a bit more mellow than previous episodes, while keeping the familiar pace with its action. I just hope that Toriyama doesn’t lose the momentum that he built up for this arc.

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 93 -



  • Kale finally transformed into her Legendary Super Saiyan form
  • A new off-screen character that is stronger than Beerus was introduced
  • Caulifla transformed into a Super Saiyan 2


  • There wasn't much to Kale's transformation & fight with Cabba & Caulifla
  • It feels as though Toriyama is holding back the female Super Saiyans
  • Not much to Goku & Frieza's reunion

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