Europe to get a Tekken 7 PS4 Bundle

The widely popular fighting game Tekken is getting it’s seventh installment released worldwide on June 2nd for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For European fans they are getting a treat with a 1TB PS4 Pro bundle as well as a slim 500GB version. UK game retailers show the price for the slim at £250 but with no information on how much the Pro version will cost.

There hasn’t been any indication of this bundle being released out in the US but with the popularity of the game, It wouldn’t be such a surprise if it were to be announced. It also looks like the PS4 won’t have any Tekken specific design on the console itself.

Tekken has always been a fantastic franchise (with Tekken 3 being my all time favorite fighting game) and this can be a good way to get some people who are looking to buy a PS4 into the console and what is has to offer.

With returning characters like King, Kazuya, Marshall and Paul(to only name a few) fans of the game will be able to learn some new moves with familiar faces. There are several new challengers joining the Iron Fist Tournament like Katarina, described as a sassy Brazillian, she is designed for beginners to get into the mechanics of the game. The Mishima family keeps getting bigger with the addition of Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi’s wife who possesses the devil gene and can transform (though we cannot play this form) just like her son and grandson. She has abilities like levitation and can summon a freakin’ tiger! I’m pretty excited to see how she plays, as well as all the other new characters.

Also for the first time in a main Tekken game, we get a guest character and who better to start off with then the Raging Demon himself, Akuma from the Street Fighter series. His play style is surprisingly similar to the way he plays in Street Fighter, he even has an EX/Super meter. This could even be a good foresight of what Tekken X Street Fighter could play like, that is, if Namco ever decides to release it!

This is a game I am very much looking forward too and if the bundle comes out here stateside, you best believe I will be on line to pick it up. I’m looking forward to putting funny hats on some very serious people.

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