First Look At Suicide Squad Game Revealed

Ever since Rocksteady ended their Batman Arkham video game series, fans have been wondering whether the studio would tackle another Batman game, a Superman game or a Suicide Squad game. Talks of the studio developing a Suicide Squad game for the next-gen consoles have been rumored to be in the works for as of lately.

Well, with DC’s FanDome event going down on August 22nd, fans were looking forward to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad news hitting & it looks like Warner Bros. Games & Rocksteady are also bringing forth some groundbreaking news. Rocksteady took to Twitter today & gave gamers their first look at their Suicide Squad game! Although footage won’t be revealed until the 22nd, the image released shows Superman from behind with target symbol on his head. Check out the tweet below.

We’ve asked for a Superman game from the studio for year & although we might not be able to play as Supes, we’ll definitely be hunting him down in the game! No release date has been revealed but we’ll see more from Rocksteady on the 22nd of August!

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