FLCL Seasons 2&3 Trailer released

After years of waiting, the critically acclaimed, cult classic anime FLCL will return for season’s 2 and 3. After having been announced early last year, a new trailer was released at Anime Expo that gives slight glimpses of the upcoming two seasons.

There are shots of The Medical Mechanica building, what looks to be an older ┬áNaota, the return of Haruko and another Guitar wielding character. Fans of the original anime’s soundtrack (like myself) will be pleased to find out that The Pillows (The band who lent it’s iconic sound to the series) will be returning with new music for it’s return. What’s even better is that Season 2 will be premiering in 2018. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.



Stay tuned to 4GLU for more news as it breaks.


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