Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2: ‘Stormborn’ (Review)

Last week’s Season 7 premiere was insane, so insane that according to PornHub use dropped drastically during the premiere. The premiere had it all, and set up the season for some MASSIVE events to take place. This episode, follows suit and actually starts advancing some of the plot points that we had expected to play out over the season. But let’s break down some of the craziest moments in what is an excellent follow-up episode for last week’s high octane premiere.

To start off the episode, we find Daenarys and her council of Varys, Tyrion, Greyworm, and Missandei. What starts off as a meeting as to what the next course of action will be, quickly turns to Daenarys questioning Varys’ loyalty to her. She questions his motives due to his past actions of serving with her father, then King Robert, and now her. He explains that while Robert wasn’t as cruel as her father, he didn’t truly want to be king. It is then resolved with Varys stating that his loyal is to no King or Queen, but to the people.

As the scene progresses, Greyworm announces to Daenarys that a “Red Priestess of Asshai has come to see her”. I’m sure we all figured exactly who this “Red Priestess” was, and if you guess Melisandre, then you were right. After being banished from the North by Jon Snow, Melisandre has found her way to Dragonstone. She informs Daenarys of Jon Snow, King of the North and the peril that the Seven Kingdoms face. While more focused on obtaining the throne, Daenarys orders for a raven to be sent to invite Jon Snow to have him come to tell the truth of what lies beyond the wall and to bend the knee. Just the thought of Jon meeting with and joining Daenarys is giving me goosebumps already.

Back in King’s Landing, Cersei holds court with the bannerman of House Tyrell and the other bannerman and allies to the throne. Cersei is already planting the seeds of hate against Daenarys by telling the bannerman some of her past actions on Mereen out of context. Once everyone disperses Jamie follows Randyll Tarly and Dickon, Good old Samwell’s father and brother. He begins to ask Randyll Tarly to take out Olenna Tyrell, upon hearing this Randyll refuses. Jamie then tempts him with granting Randyll with the title of Warden of the South. I can’t help but feel that this is going to fall apart for Cersei, or maybe I’m just waiting for all of this to blow back in her face and for her to get her comeuppance.

Speaking of Sam, he and Archmaester Marwyn are examining the progression of Jorah Mormont’s Grayscale. In the middle of the examination, Sam asks the Archmaester is it possible to halt the effects of Grayscale; using Shireen Baratheon as an example. Marwyn then replies that Shireen was cured from birth, making her case different than that of Jorah, who was a grown man when he was infected. Sam, not aware of Jorah’s identity asks if h would like for him to send a raven to inform his family. At first Jorah scoffs, claiming that his family had forgotten about him long ago. Jorah tells Sam his name. just as it clicks in Sam’s head Archmaestery Marwyn calls for him. This prompts him to come back later that night to try an experimental treatment to try and save his life. The writer’s have been doing a great job so far in connecting all of the dots so to speak. Characters that we have hoped would meet and certain chance encounters that we have been hoping for are finally occurring.

The biggest moment to me was not Arya learning that Jon is alive and is King of The North (Though it was damned good to see HotPie again), but the attack on Yara and Theron’s fleet by Euron Greyjoy was the absolute high point of the episode. This was definitely one of those moments that will be talked about well after the season. The two oldest Sand Snakes have been killed by Euron, while the youngest and Ellaria have seemed to be captured. Most importantly, Yara being left for dead by Theon with their murderous uncle. I know that he’s been through A LOT during the series, but come on. Leaving your sister to die to save your own ass?? After risking everything to save Sansa from Ramsey, and now THIS???? Unforgivable. While original theories for Euron’s gift was that it would be Gendry, it seems that Euron’s gift to Cersei was bringing Myrcella’s murderer Ellaria to King’s Landing.

All around, this was another excellent episode, following up an excellent season premiere. I’m looking forward to seeing whether Sam’s unauthorized attempt to save Jorah will pay off. I also want to see what will happen to Yara after being captured by her Uncle Euron who said the next time he saw them he would kill them. What were some of your other favorite moments that I missed? Comment below and let me know. Stay tuned to 4GLU for more reviews and news.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2: Stormborn (Review)

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2: Stormborn (Review)


  • Epic battle between Yara, Theon and their Uncle Euron's fleet.
  • A lot of characters that we've hoped would cross paths, are finally starting to do so
  • Queen Daenarys has a set plan to take King's Landing without scaling an all out war
  • Cersei is back to her old scheming ways
  • Is Sam going to heal Jorah???


  • For real Theon??? Really??
  • The (what seems to be) Fall of the Sand Snakes
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