HBO Max Welcomes ‘Warrior’ Season 3 Home

Cinemax’s ‘Warrior’ series solidified itself as a fan favorite out the gate in 2019. Not only did fans fall in love with the well-balanced action in the series, but we also respected it because it’s based on an original concept & treatment by Bruce Lee, & is executive-produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee, & Justin Lin. The series was canceled by Cinemax in 2020 but the first & second season landed on HBO Max & brought with it some day one fans & newcomers that kept pushing for a season 3. Well, we no longer have to petition for a season 3 because our wish came true.

It was announced today that season 3 is coming to HBO Max! As of right now, there is no release date but the fact that it’s coming back is good enough!

Shannon Lee had this to say:

“Justin, Jonathan, and I were thrilled when ‘Warrior’ was put on HBO platforms to be discovered by a whole new legion of fans. Now we are excited and grateful for the opportunity to do another season, and we applaud HBO Max for understanding the importance of telling this story and for continuing to support this level of representation in our industry. I just know that my father is grinning right now to see this show he dreamed of so long ago continuing to beat the odds. We have every intention of delivering the same high level of meaningful storytelling and Gung Fu action in season 3!”

Set during the Tong Wars in late 1870s San Francisco, the series follows Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who emigrates from China in search of his sister, only to be sold to one of the most powerful tongs in Chinatown.

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