Indiana Jones 5 set for production in 2019

With Ready Player One set to be released next week (March 29), THR reports that director Steven Spielberg has penciled in the untitled and 5th Indiana Jones film as his next project.

Spielberg had two projects on the docket with Indiana Jones and the remake of 1961’s musical classic West Side Story with Jones 5 winning out being the next to go into production in April 2019 in the UK.

A release date of July 10th 2020 has been marked down for some time. Star Harrison Ford will be 76 years old when cameras start rolling, more than likely signaling the end of the franchise. Unless of course Hollywood decides to do that thing it does and relaunches the franchise much to the dismay of fans.

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull was the last time Harrison Ford potrayed Indiana Jones in 2008. The film made $786 million dollars in the world wide box office on a $186 million dollar budget. Not a flop financially, but panned by fans and critics alike.

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