Injustice 2 Issues #1-5 Review


With Injustice 2 coming out in less then a week, fans are ready to get back into NetherRealm Studio’s dark and brutal take on the DC Universe with a fantastic fighting game that the community has fallen in love with. The game will continue the story from the first game with some time having passed since.

What DC has done is created a comic series that fills in the gaps between the two games. They did the same thing for the first Injustice with a comic series that chronicled the five years prior to the beginning of game that was interesting and fresh and helped to really shape this new universe. It’s written by Tom Taylor who also wrote the first series which does give high hopes of an interesting story.

But can the second series of comics capture that same freshness as well as give background and insight into this still blooming universe of familiar characters? So far, yeah.

The second series of comics takes place a little after the end of the first game with Super Regime Dictator Man (AKA Superman) in prison after he was defeated by Batman and his insurgency. They are now in charge having lost some allies in the process and are responsible for shaping the world after Supes made it a totalitarian one. There is fear however of other groups seeing the fall of Superman as a time to jump in and try to shape the world in their image.

Some familiar faces like Batman and Harley Quinn (She calls herself Robin so…yeah that’s a thing) are the few remaining in the insurgency and are trying to recruit more heroes to make sure that they can change the world for the better without losing it to another madman and there are still plenty left. I like that even though they won, the casualties of the battle are still felt and seen and it’s good to be reminded of that.

We also get our first glimpse of Doctor Fate who travels to another dimension to ask this version of Green Arrow and Black Canary from the games universe who was brought here during Superman’s rise to power to travel back to help Batman.

Amanda Waller as well as several members of the Suicide Squad make an appearance after they kidnap Harley Quinn…er I mean Robin and force her to join the Suicide Squad. Harley reminds Waller that she is an ally to Batman now and he will be on the trail to get her out in no time. We then have a man dressed as the caped crusader come in with guns and take out the guards as well and kill off several members of the Suicide Squad he deems unworthy for whatever role he is “recruiting” them for.

As they are leaving the real Batman comes in and gets manhandled by this copycat who knows Batman’s secret identity and removes his mask. I am really interested to see who this new Batman is and what role he will play in trying to shape the new world.

After Batman loses and is recovering we see that Lex Luthor has left his money to Bruce to do whatever he can to help shape the new world for the better. He also meets the alternate world Oliver and his worlds Black Canary who are there to help Batman any way they can. With this new Oliver coming in that means he gets all the money the original Oliver left behind after he died. This follows with a humorous marriage proposal and then into a serious moment it goes! I like the balance of humor in this dark world they’ve built, it makes it feel much more real and those little moments that take away from the madness are what really shine.

Issue #5 is where they really start to cook with gas with Superman’s prison cell being opened by this impostor batman and the Suicide Squad. We get to see Green Arrow and Black Canary get right into the action and confused a couple of people who thought Ollie kicked the bucket. We also see Batman shine as one of this worlds smartest people with a contingency to make sure that even a powerhouse like Superman is unable to escape his cell and the Atom making an appearance and hold Superman’s life in his tiny hands.

These first few issues were a good introduction to what is to come and has definitely piqued my interest. Who is this new Batman? What other characters will pop up? Will Batman ever consider Harley as his new Robin?!

I am very curious to see how Tom Taylor will bridge the gap between the two games but as it looks right now this is just getting started and there will be a whole of story to tell.

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