Jessica Chastain Is In Talks To Play Lilandra In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

For all of you X-men fans out there, this may be either good news or bad news. The upcoming FOX X-men film titled ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ has reportedly found it’s Lilandra Neramani. Reportedly, Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play Lilandra who may or may not be the film’s villain which rivals reports that FOX has tapped up Angelina Jolie for the role.

For those that are unfamiliar with Lilandra, she is the Empress of the alien Shi’ar Empire. She was also at one point married to Professor Xavier. It seems as though Simon Kinberg is looking to open up FOX’s X-men Cosmic Universe, similar to what Guardian’s of The Galaxy did for the MCU. Luckily, with the introduction to Lilandra we may get to finally see Gladiator (head of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard) hit the big screen.

Although I’m not completely sold yet, I do hope that we get a better version of the ‘Dark Phoenix saga’ (loved by fans of the X-men comics and FOX’s X-Men animated series from the 90’s) than what we received in ‘Last Stand’ in the original X-men movie trilogy.  Only time will tell how all of this will pan out, you can check back to 4GLU for updates regarding the film and cast as they are released.

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