Lionsgate’s Highlander Reboot Gets Writer

Since 2008, Lionsgate’s been working on the Highlander reboot & it was rumored to have Ryan Reynolds attached to play Duncan MacLeod, who was originally played by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 film. The working title for the film was Highlander: The Reckoning. Most fans gave up & showed their lack on interest about the film being rebooted, but for those of you who thought the film would remain in development hell, a breath of fresh air has revived the reboot with a writer attached.

Deadline announced today that the Ryan Condal, writer on USA’s Colony, will be writing the script for the Highlander reboot. This is an interesting choice, especially since it was revealed not too long ago that Condal is working on a Conan the Barbarian series for Amazon. The film will be directed by Chad Stahelski  & still doesn’t have a release date.

Patrick Wachsberger, Head of Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group had this to say:

“We’ve finally got a screenplay we’re happy with. We have set up the story so it has sequel potential.”

The 1986 film had Christopher Lambert playing swordsman Connor MacLeod from the Scottish Highlands, known as the Highlander, one of a number of immortal warriors who can be killed only by decapitation. After initial training by another highly skilled immortal swordsman, Ramirez(Sean Connery), MacLeod lives on for several centuries, eventually settling in New York City, managing an antiques shop. In 1985, he falls in love with a police forensic scientist named Brenda. He also finds out that he must face his greatest enemy, Kurgan (Clancy Brown), who wishes to kill MacLeod and to obtain “the Prize” – a special ability which is given to the last living immortal warrior, vast knowledge and the ability to enslave the entire human race.

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