Mark Wahlberg Is No Longer Up For The Role Of Nathan Drake In Sony’s Uncharted Film

For years, there were talks of Mark Wahlberg being attached to Sony’s live-action Uncharted film. Wahlberg, who has now grounded himself within the Transformers franchise, was up for the role of adventurer Nathan Drake. Despite the fans outcry about this weird & uncalled for move, it looked as though Sony to move forward with Wahlberg.

News came down today via We Got This Covered that Wahlberg was officially pulling his name from the film.

Wahlberg said:

“As of now, no, I’m not attached. If I was, you would have heard about it.”

This is great news! I was really against Wahlberg playing one of my favorite video game characters. This could open the door to fan-favorite Chris Pratt stepping into the role. Of course, Pratt is a rising star & could definitely carry the humor & embody Nathan Drake, but it’s up in the air.

Sony did confirm in October that Sean Levy would direct the film & that Joe Carnahan would write it. There’s no word on if the story of the film will be in the vein of the first game or if it will draw a new adventure for Drake & his friends.

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