Meet The Editors


My name is Sean & I am the Editor-in-Chief & owner of 4 Geeks Like You. When I’m not writing articles or saving the world from Daleks, you can find me on the PlayStation 4 gaming my life away or working on a script or two.


Greetings, Earthlings! My name is Carissa and when I’m not writing about something geeky or hanging out in Ten Forward, you can catch me gaming, traveling, or going to movie screenings. But mostly I’m in Ten Forward slinging bloodwine with Worf.


My name is Javon & when I am not assisting with camera work at a screening, premiere or convention, I can be found doing some creative artwork for stores & schools in New York City.

                                                                          AMANDA – MOVIE REVIEWER

Hey! my name is Amanda, you may catch me at many movie screening and movie related events. when I’m not out and about I’m writing reviews, binge watching TV shows, or looking out for movie related content.