Meet The Editors


Sean is the jock-like but lovable geek from N.Y.C. who knows his way around a T.A.R.D.I.S. or two. If you ever wanted to know what a time capsule stuffed with pop culture looked like, Sean is it. Anime, movies, television shows, cartoon theme songs from the 80s to the early 2000s, video games & comics this man knows is all. Sean created 4 Geeks Like You back in 2012 as a platform where every form of pop culture could be discussed. Sean has his Bachelor of Science in Nursing & is a vegan.


Hieee! My name is Marlena, literature, anime and everything STEM nerd here—Nice to meet you. As a livelong lover of learning, I find that fandom of anime, manga, comics and film encompass varied aspects of topics near and dear to my heart. Whether it is calling out the limitations of titan height, the political ramifications of Avengers avenging or the importance of representation in film, the culture that has emerged around these entertainment media is welcoming and engrossing. I hope to explore it all with you through our site!


Dannie is a native of Atlanta who’s an unsolvable paradox that enjoys binge-watching conspiracy theories and all things paranormal. She’s a freelancing artist with a passion for illustrating and writing to craft anything geek! Dannie can be found in her natural habitat; at home with her boyfriend, two dogs, and cat. Here we can see her streaming on Twitch, watching YouTube, or catching up on their latest anime. Please don’t tap the glass, easily spooked!


Here’s Johnny! Living in the NYC metro area with his wife and sons. Johnny loves to write and talk about all things geek. When Johnny isn’t busy being a family man, working two cubicle jobs, selling comics on e-bay, or consuming various forms of tv shows, movies, and youtube clips, he streams video games on Twitch. Check Johnny out as he continues to take on more than he can handle in his quest for fame and fortune.