My Hero Academia Episode 111: Tenko Shimura: Origin Review

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 111 was another good episode. The main focus of this week’s episode was Shigaraki, but the creators also gave us a smidge of Spinner content, which was unexpected. When you think of the League of Villains, you probably think of Shigaraki, Himiko, Twice, and Dabi. Spinner and Mr. Compress are effectively the side characters of the League of Villains.

Spinner’s quirk seems to allow him to do things geckos can do, such as climb on walls. Twice, Himiko and Shigaraki all became stronger, and we saw some new power-ups. The Liberation Army member Spinner is fighting against goes by the code name Trumpet. His quirk, Incite, allows him to boost the power of his followers with his voice. Even before Trumpet’s quirk was officially revealed, I assumed that’s what his quirk was based on what we saw of him in episode 110. What I don’t understand about Trumpet is how he could transform his watch into his Sevens Loud helmet? This item transformation clearly has nothing to do with his quirk. And it didn’t look like a technological transformation either. A quirk must have been at work here.

Re-Destro’s quirk isn’t simply a quirk that allows him to boost his physical abilities at will. It has a pre-requisite. He must build up stress, which can then be converted into power. Of course, his subordinates being defeated would be a cause of stress for him, but their defeat isn’t what directly powers his quirk. I’m not a huge fan of this quirk; linking Re-Destro’s power output to something as arbitrary as his stress level doesn’t make for an interesting quirk; unless his stress levels are fluctuating throughout the fight. As it stands now, he gets more powered up as the fight progresses without any real meaning behind it.

Additionally, his quirk seems to have some other random abilities tacked onto it. It would be one thing if he could make his body larger, stronger, and more durable. But that’s not all Re-Destro can do. He also has an energy ball ability. This ability is called Stress Output Burden, and for now, it’s unclear if this is a natural ability of the Stress quirk or if it’s the product of another quirk combining with the Stress quirk at some point in time. This ability converts Re-Destro’s stress into pure energy, which can then be directed at his opponents. Why does this ball of energy also pull other objects in as if it has a gravitational field of its own?

As we know, Tomura Shigaraki’s birth name was Tenko Shimura. Through Shigaraki’s backstory, we learn quite a few interesting things. First, he was originally thought to have been quirkless because his quirk didn’t manifest until relatively late. He’s an example of someone who has a quirk that appears to be completely random and isn’t passed down genetically. Second, we found out that Shigaraki is the grandson of All Might’s mentor.

When we see her picture in Shigaraki’s flashback, her identity isn’t a mystery. Something we don’t yet know about Shigaraki is what he was told about his grandmother’s death. Maybe we’ll get more clarity in next week’s episode. Are we going to see that One-for-All told him that All Might was the one who caused his grandmother’s death? Even though during the battle between All Might and One-for-All, it was mentioned that One-for-All was the person who killed All Might’s mentor. Finally, one last piece of new information we got was that Shigaraki was the one who killed his family. Previously, we could have assumed that they died in an accident caused by a hero, which would have been the catalyst for Shigaraki becoming a villain.

There’s so much to take in as the season is heating up. Will Shigaraki get a new ability during this fight? How will the story of his grandmother’s death come about? Hopefully, all of our questions will be answered, plus a few surprises when we check back in next week!

My Hero Academia Episode 111: Tenko Shimura: Origin Review




  • More Spinner Content
  • Additional Shigaraki backstory
  • Intense action sequences


  • ReDestros confusing quirks with no explanation
  • No explantation on Spinner's Watch
  • Seems to be a little rushed.

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