New Bleach Game Arriving Later This Year

Although Bleach’s anime series ended a couple of years ago, the fan base still remains strong & committed to any new project from the anime or manga, especially since they’re still holding on to there being a continuation of the anime one day. It was announced via Shuisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that a new Bleach game is indeed heading to fans by the end of 2017.

The game is confirmed to be called “Bleach: Paradise Lost”. The upcoming game will be released by LINE, the internet & telecommunication company & will be free-to-play via iOS & Android.

According to the article, the game will put players in the role of a Shinegami or Death God & will have them battling Hollow to protect the world. The game will be in the vein of Pokemon Go because it will utilize your phone’s GPS to find Hollow in the real world. The game will feature a story mode & a turn-based fighting system. Check out the scan of the article below!

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