One Piece Chapter 1024 – ‘So And So’ Recap

This week’s One Piece Chapter 1024 features the connecting color spreads of all the Top 50 characters from the recent World Wide Popularity Poll. This Color spread seems to connect with the last issue of Shonen Jump’s color spread and will also be connected with next week’s color spread. Each of the characters featured are all the chosen Top 50 characters from One Piece; naturally, all of the Straw Hat Pirates are all presents, along with a few fan-favorites. This color spread is the first Character Popularity Poll that allowed the entire world to vote for their favorite characters. The previous popularity poll only allowed votes from residents in Japan. And thus making this color spread a work of the entire One Piece community possible, and seeing the Straw Hat Pirates and their favorite all present on this amazing illustration by Eiichiro Oda.

In this chapter, we see Ussop appear on the second floor of Onigashima, with many of Kaido’s Beast Pirates all trembling from the effect of Big Mom’s Conqueror’s Haki. Ussop then took advantage of the situation and lied to the Beast Pirates that many would crumble before him and claimed that he took out two of the Flying Six of Kaido’s Tobiroppo. While Nami is communicating with Franky to find out about Luffy’s update, only to discover that Luffy was last seen with Momonosuke. Then, on the third floor, we see Brook carrying an exhausted Robin from her victory over Black Maria; Brook then communicates with Jimbei about the third floor being burning while trying to escape to safety.

The next scene then cuts to the progressing battle between Yamato and Kaido, where both are seen battling in their hybrid Zoan form. Kaido seems to be at an advantage over Yamato during this battle, with Yamato realizing that Kaido is ready to kill her in this battle. Kaido is willing to kill his child because Yamato admired Kozuku Oden and was willing to carry his name to become him. Only for Yamato to stand by her decision to admire Oden, as the scene then cuts away to Yamato’s flashback scene.


The flashback scene then shows a young Yamato confronting Kaido after being chained up by him after she wanted to be Oden. Kaido then sees that Yamato took down many of the Beast Pirates all by herself as a child, using Conqueror’s Haki. But despite the talent that Yamato did, Kaido still insists that she should be better off dead if she continues being Kozuki Oden. Kaido then places Yamato in the same prison cell where the other Samurais are imprisoned and tells her she has a month to cool down. Yamato then was frightened because if the Samurai knew she was Kaido’s daughter, she would not survive; Kaido also told the imprisoned Samurai to serve under him if they wanted to be free. Kaido then leaves with one portion bowl of rice and many swords for the imprisoned Samurai to battle for that portion of rice.

However, while a young Yamato was starving, a Samurai who resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru gave Yamato the bowl of rice and claimed that Samurai don’t starve. The young Yamato then quickly eats and tells the Samurais she won’t forget this bowl of rice. After the young Yamato was set free, she showed the Samurais Oden’s logbook that she found; the Samurais and young Yamato bonded by reading Oden’s log together. The
Samurais then told young Yamato 20 years would be too long for them to wait; they will, however, contribute by continuing to fight the battle and allow the young Yamato to escape to fight in the upcoming fight in 20 years. Cut back to the present; we now see Yamato is now holding her ground against Kaido, with both using Conqueror’s Haki at a

With the story’s progress, we now see some slight hints on who may happen to be Shimotsuki Ishimaru. While not much was detailed about the Samurai himself, we see a connection with Yamato through her flashback. This chapter also sees what motivates
Yamato even further, from her inspiration from Kozuki Oden and the kindness of the Samurais imprisoned with her. The rice bowl in this chapter also symbolizes many of the Samurai’s culture by showing gratitude and helping those who needed help most. Overall, the flashback appears to wrap up quickly and didn’t drag on further, and we can expect the next chapter to progress further to the Oingashima’s arc to be over soon.

One Piece Chapter 1024 - 'So And So' Recap



  • More details were given about Yamato's past
  • This issue teased us about who Shimotsuki Ushimaru is


  • A bulk of the chapter told the story from the past instead of moving the story forward

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