Showtime’s ‘The Chi’ Gets Season 5 Renewal

If you are a fan of Showtime’s The Chi like I am, you were left glued to the screen wondering if a season 5 was going to be announced or if the show would end the way it ended. The writers did wrap up the show in a way that, yes, there were a few unanswered questions that could boil over into another season but also closed the door enough that if they didn’t return for another season, they’d leave viewers putting their own conclusion together & it would work out fine.

Showtime must’ve heard our collective prayers because they hit the button & confirmed that The Chi is getting a season 5 & is scheduled to air in 2022. The announcement of season 5 is definitely great news since a few characters were put into position to have some exciting arcs next season!

There is no news on whether we’ll see the whole cast from season 4 return or whether new faces will appear this coming season, but we’ll keep you posted on further updates.

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