Star Trek : Discovery Gets a Release Date

Just when trekkers were beginning to wonder when if ever, Paramount’s new trek would see the light of day, we get a release date! Sunday, September 24 is the CBS broadcast premiere. It’ll air from 8:30-9:30 PM EST. If you miss that time slot you’ll also be able to catch it on demand from CBS All Access. You’ll also be able to see the second episode immediately following the premiere on CBS All Access (CBS is really trying to sell those sign ups).

After  premiere night, all 15 episodes will be available only on CBS All Access for U.S. subscribers. It will run in two phases. The first eight episodes will be available Sunday, September 24 – Sunday, November 5.  The final seven episodes will air starting January 2018.

Interestingly enough, Netflix will also air the 15 episodes by the same schedule, but only countries outside the U.S. and Canada will have access to it.

Star Trek : Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green(Walking Dead) as the lead character with Michelle Yeoh and Jason Issacs. Start planning your viewing parties now!


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