Street Fighter Television series in the works

Entertainment One (Eone), a distribution company based out of Toronto, Canada will finance and develop a television series based on the popular fighting game Street Fighter.

Joey Ansah, Jacqueline Quella and Mark Wooding will all serve as executive producers for the series. The trio also were the team behind the 2014 web series, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist for Machinima. The 12 episode run achieved 16 million views and was also considered by many fans a faithful adaptation of the game. At this moment no casting or production dates have been set.

The series will use “The World Warrior” story arc from the game. We will Follow Ryu, Ken,Chun-Li and Guile as they will face off against the ruthless leader of the Shadaloo crime organization M. Bison. Bison sets up a tournament to find and challenge the most capable and powerful fighter in the world.

Street Fighter 5: The Arcade Edition was the last released game in the franchise, launching world wide last January for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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