Terminator Reboot In the Works With Tim Miller At The Helm

With Alan Taylor’s Terminator Genisyis bombing at the box office & Paramount Pictures closing the doors on the film’s open ending, moviegoers & fans of the long-running series began to ponder whether or not the studio would force another film out of the franchise or finally put it to rest. But as most of us know, even when it seems that a franchise is bound to take its final rest, someone comes up with the bright idea to reboot it.

In a surprising turn of events, Deadline is reporting that  Paramount Pictures announced that James Cameron is gearing up to reboot the Terminator film & place Tim Miller (Deadpool) at the helm! The film is targeting a 2019 release, but it’s unclear as to where the story will ground itself.

This can be a solid move for Miller, with him departing from Fox’s Deadpool sequel. & with Miller’s great work on the Deadpool film, we can grasp what he can do with a Terminator reboot in his hands. Let’s just hope they get it right!

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