Tetsuya Nomura Reveals New Images From Final Fantasy Vll Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3

Yes, the Final Fantasy Vll remake is definitely one of the most anticipated role-playing games next to Kingdom Hearts 3. Despite Final Fantasy Vll’s remake being episodic, the initial gameplay trailer was enough to solidify its place on fans most wanted list.

During the Magic Monaco 2017 event, Tetsuya Nomura lifted the veil on the Final Fantasy Vll remake & the Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Although both, especially Kingdom Hearts 3, are way off, Noruma did show attendees some screens of the first Final Fantasy Vll boss fight & what looks like some kind of boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out the screens below.

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Release dates for both games were not revealed at the event, but Noruma did say that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in early development.Both games are scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.

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