The Eleventh Doctor 2.14 Review

Armed with revelations from the Time War, but challenged by resistance within his own ranks, the Doctor faces his most difficult hour yet as he battles to clear his name! Having plunged into the depths of darkness in his quest for the truth, can he re-emerge triumphant? With Alice back one would hope that things would start to get better for the Doctor, but the exact opposite has happened.  Now this is a tale you most definitely want to read!

Warning though, it is something I really wasn’t expecting.  It is dark. Like River Song, I don’t wish to spoil anything for you. I will say however that not even the art work held anything back. Because of that I really loved it! Simon Fraser did a fantastic job illustrating  the Doctor’s confusion and grief. Some of the panels made my stomach turn, while others had me gasping in shock. I love the use of colors in the story as well. It added to the dread and panic of the scenes.
 Now I am a lover of detail in artwork, but I can also appreciate the lack of it as well. The design of the Squire had me quiet afraid to even look at her. It chilled me to the bone. There is only one thing I wish to point out about the art, and it’s only because I believe it will help make it better in the future. In a couple of panels the Doctor and Alice had their hands tied behind their back, but in the next 11d_year_two_14_preview2they where freed. Then the Doctor was tied again. It’s a little thing, but I noticed it on my first read through.

Si Spurrier did a fantastic job with creating a real page turner. I remember getting to the end of this story and genuinely being surprised by it ending. I wish there was more to read! I have groan attached to the characters and the writer has done a good job of making me feel for them, as well as empathizing with them, in all that had happened. I particularly enjoy how the Squire spoke. She was so cold and unrelenting, it gave me chills. That whole character is a masterpiece. I truly believe that she makes a fine villain, but I still can’t help wanting her to be okay as well.

I believe Spurrier nailed the Eleventh Doctor. I could feel the Doctor’s panic, confusion, and desperation. It is hard to make such a experienced character be at low points and have it be believable. After all the Doctor has faced many a challenge, right? Why should he worry now? Well, this shows you and makes you feel it as you read. Well done.
Over all, I give the comic a solid A. For great story and art. The only con is a confusion in the panels with the characters being tied and then not. I eagerly wait for the next comic in this series. I can’t predict how it will turn out and I love that! I highly suggest you head out to a comic book store, or online, and pick this up. If possible pick up the whole series. I have never seen a Doctor Who story quite like this and I cannot wait for more.

Release: October 26, 2016
Price: $3.99
Distributor: Titan Comics
Writer: Si Spurrier

Artist: Simon Fraser
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