The Grudge Remake has director set, Andrea Riseborough to star

A remake of a remake!?!?!?Ghost House Pictures had announced last summer director Nicolas Pesce (The eyes of my Mother) would helm a relaunch of the Japanese import horror film The Grudge with a script from Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train).News has been quiet on any activity from the project till today as Deadline has reported that Andrea Riseborough has been attached to star as the lead.

Riseborough has a stacked 2018 schedule with many projects in the works. She was last seen early this year on Paramount Network’s limited series “Waco” about the 1993 ATF(Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms) raid on David Koresh’s compound of the Branch Davidian religious community that lead to a stand off that lasted 51 days. The lead role this time for The Grudge is set to have Riseborough playing a detective and a single mother.

The Grudge earned $187.2 million in the worldwide box office on a $10 million dollar budget and spawned multiple films and graphic novels. The last film in the series ‘The Grudge 3’ saw a straight to DVD release in 2009.

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