Tiffany Haddish & Lakeith Standfield Are In Talks To Join Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’

Disney is bringing Haunted Mansion back to the big screen! It was announced today that Tiffany Haddish & Lakeith Stanfield are in talks to star in the film. The film will be directed by  Justin Simien (Dear White People, Bad Hair) & will be penned by Katie Dippold (Ghostbusters).

The story will follow a family that moves into the titular mansion. Stanfield would play a widower who once believed in the supernatural but is now a rather lifeless tour guide in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Haddish would play a psychic hired to commune with the dead.

This will be Disney’s second run at bringing Haunted Mansion to the big screen. The first time was in 2003’s The Haunted Mansion which starred Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason, Jennifer Tilly, & Dina Spybey. The film is scheduled to start production this fall in Louisiana.

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