Tom Hanks To Play Mr. Rogers In Upcoming Biopic

Two time Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks is set to play T.V. Icon Fred Rogers in the biopic ” You are my Friend”. The film will be directed by Marielle Heller (2015’s Dairy of a teenage girl) and released by Tristar Pictures. Filming is set to begin in September of this year.

“You are my Friend” is based on the unlikely friendship between Rogers and Tom Junod, an award winning journalist,Who takes the assignment of creating a profile piece on Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood ran on television from 1968 to 2001 with 31 seasons of the show between television stations NET (National Education Television) and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

The screen play was on the 2013 screen play blacklist, a list created by studio executives that consist of screen plays that were favorites of studios, but didn’t get picked up to be created. Hanks’ latest film The Post can be found in theaters now. No official release date has been set for “You are my Friend”.

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