Toyotarō Confirms Dragon Ball Super Is Reaching The End Of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Super catapulted the dormant fan base onto a new level of hype with its solid story telling & the introduction of new characters. Although the series has its down moments & left field victories, the series is still landing home with fans & some newcomers.

Toyotarō, illustrator of the Dragon Ball Super manga, was at the Napoli Comic Con & got the chance to speak about the Dragon Ball Super series.

Toyotarō had this to say:

“We are preparing the ground to direct Dragon Ball Super into the original Dragon Ball Z ending”.

It’s pretty clear that with Pan & Bullard being born that the series is about to reach the climax, of the Z series but it may leave most to wonder if they’ll surpass the Goku vs Uub fight or if it will conclude there. It was confirmed before the series started that Dragon Ball Super will fill in the missing pieces of the 10 year gap between Goku defeating Buu & the last episode of Dragon Ball Z.

But even if Dragon Ball Super does end with the Uub vs Goku fight, we know that it’s not the end of Dragon Ball. Shueisha revealed last October that they were starting a “Dragon Ball Room”, which would focus on new ideas for Dragon Ball.

I just hope we get some Goten & Trunks action as kids or teens before the series ends.

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