Attack On Titan Season 2, Episode 9 – ‘Opening’ Review

Over the course of the the last 4 episodes of Attack On Titan, Season two has picked up the pace considerably from it’s initial crawl at the beginning of the season. We’ve had very few answers to our lingering questions from Season 1, and even more spawning  with each episode. Following the aftermath of the battle between Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt on top of the wall; we learn that the newly outed Titans have escaped with Eren and Ymir.

In the final moments of last week’s episode, Eren finally awakes, finding that he and Ymir have been captured. This episode picks up where we last left off. Eren finds that he has been left without his arms from the last battle, while Ymir has already been conscious and just now beginning to heal.  Eren asks her  what happened to him, Reiner responding that he was the one responsible. He was in a hurry and didn’t take his arms into account when he tried to bite him in the nape of his neck. Just as Eren tries to activate his Titan powers, Annie stops him. She tells him to take a look at their current surroundings; being currently surrounded by Titans, without their ODM gear, and currently far from Wall Maria they were at an immediate disadvantage.

While trying to gather information, Ymir gets Reiner to confess what their plan is. Reiner tells them that they intend to take them both back to their hometown. They had stopped only to rest until nightfall, where they would continue moving. Taking in this information, Eren tries to think of a means to escape which leads him to recall the events leading up to his capture. He then remembers Mikasa, Armin, and the others. He begins to wonder about the possibility of them following in pursuit and what dangers they  would face to get to him.

In order to retrieve Eren, Ymir, Reiner, and Bertholdt, the Scout regimen head out in full force. Mikasa, wholly intent on getting Eren and killing Reiner and Bertholdt zealously charges ahead. Hannes asks her to keep a cool head, because when they find him, they’ll have to be there to support him with a level head.

Ymir, still in the process of healing asks for Reiner to give her some water. Due to their current situation, he tells her that he can’t fulfill her request. As he continues to go on, Eren and Ymir begin to notice that something is off. Eren furiously questions what Reiner is getting at by his statements. Ymir pieces together that something is wrong with Reiner’s memory. Bertholdt has to remind Reiner that he’s not a soldier. It seems that the time that he had spent undercover working with the people that he is supposed to be helping destroy, has caused the line between who he is and who he is portraying to blur.

Eren, completely fed up with with the situation tells them that they are psychotic murderers who aren’t human. Reiner, still conflicted tells Eren that it would be pointless for him to apologize, or say that he regrets it. The people that he thought he knew don’t exist. Eren vows to make them suffer and die, because it’s exactly what they deserve. After the tension dies down a bit, Ymir asks Reiner about the Beast Titan referring to it as a monkey. Reiner feigns ignorance, but Ymir recalls the look on their faces the night when they were holed up at the top of the castle before she revealed herself. This is the first time that Eren has heard anything about the Beast Titan, and he immediately demands answers.

Ymir explains that the current events have been caused by the emergence of the new Titan. She also connects that if Reiner and Bertholdt can bring them to him, that he would be able to get them home. Eren, curious how she knows so much then asks Ymir what else is she hiding. Ymir then tells her that she has her own circumstances that are keeping her from divulging everything on her end. She only tells him that the threat to humanity won’t be ended by killing Bertholdt and Reiner, and that if he thought it would he was gravely mistaken. He asks her who is the real enemy, but she is swiftly cut off by Reiner.

Reiner, acknowledging that her words hold some truth asks Ymir what she will do with the information that she has. He offers her the chance to side with them. He tells her that they alone can’t guarantee her own safety, but that they can attempt to keep Christa safe knowing that would prompt a response from her. While she is in the middle of contemplating, Eren asks her once again who the real enemy is. This time, she tells him “Who Knows”. Taking this as an agreement, Bertholdt comes to Reiner’s side, the two seemingly ready to make a move. They pause as they realize that the flares of the Scout Regiment are already close by. With just one hour until sunset, will they be able to rescue Eren?

Attack On Titan Season 2 - Episode 9 Review



  • Eren finally begins to catch up on the information that he's been missing out on
  • We get to finally see some of the trauma that the Titans living as humans deal with
  • Although the episode is very slow paced, it sets up for an intense next episode


  • Very sluggish episode

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