Into The Badlands Season 2 Episode 10 – Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire Review

Well folks, we’ve finally made it. Over the course of this season, so much has taken place during Sunny’s journey back into the badlands to find his family. New faces have come and gone, alliances formed and broken, questions answered as new ones take place. Sunny waging a one-man war to save Veil and Henry from Quinn, The Widow declaring war on the other Barons, her falling out with Matilda while she holds MK and Baijie captive, we’ve also been introduced to The Master and the monastery. All of it leading us to this point. Let’s get into tonight’s explosive season finale.In last week’s episode, we last saw Sunny as he escaped the Widow’s compound during the after math of Quinn’s lackey Gabriel’s suicide bombing. We find him now just reaching the armory that Waldo had told him about. As this opening sequence plays out, we get a glimpse of Quinn holding baby Henry close, telling him that he will keep him safe, and that no matter how much blood has to be shed, he will protect his family. It then cuts back to Sunny arming himself for what’s ahead, he even gets his signature red coat and motorcycle from the first season back. Already the overall tone of the episode is leading to something insane to go down.

Back in the Widow’s compound, Waldo advises her that due to her betrayal of Quinn and Sunny, when all is said and done, one of them will be back for blood. Noticing Matilda’s absence, he then questions her whereabouts. The Widow replies that they have parted ways, an answer that does not sit well with Waldo, prompting him to ask if she is still alive. Things inside the Widow’s camp have slowly started to show signs of deteriorating over the past few episodes, but for Waldo to openly question whether she had killed the closest person to her is huge. She then offers him the position of Baron after everything is said and done, to help ease people into a new way of life, but Waldo is seemingly done with the way that she works and who she has become since he first started working with her.

Quinn, caught in a morale boosting speech to his men about giving their lives to smite his enemies, is interrupted by Lydia. Calling him out for his psychotic behavior, and most notably rigging the underground tunnels with explosives, she tries to warn his men that they are following a man that will only lead them to death. To her shock, no one is moved by this information, they even rally at Quinn’s beckoning, chanting “anyone that is not prepared to die, does not deserve to live”. He then orders his men to take her out and execute, but not before making her live her own grave. Before she is hauled off, she proclaims that she will live long enough to see Sunny slit his throat. Sheesh, what a way to treat your first wife.

We come back to the Widow trying to convince MK that he has no choice in the matter of her using him for her goals. He grabs a pair and shears putting them to his throat, to show her that he has some control. He then demands to see Baijie, to which she obliges. The Widow proceeds to reveal the true circumstances between what happened between him and her. She tells MK that Baijie was using her for the book, the same way that he had used her. In disbelief, MK asks if that was the only reason that Baijie had come back with him to the monastery. While Baijie attempts to plead his case, MK doesn’t believe a word he says. The Widow tells Baijie that he is either going to decipher the book and find a way to get their power back, or that he is going to die trying. Throughout the season, we’ve really gotten a sense of the Widow not allowing anything to get in the way of her plan, whether that be trading a woman and child to a madman as a sign of good faith, or getting into an epic fight that left Tilda unconscious and currently missing in this episode.

While in the middle of digger her grave, Lydia pleads with two of Quinn’s men to let her go. In a moment of desperation she kills one of them with a shovel after catching him off guard. While trying to escape the other, she is saved by Sunny tossing a knife into the dude’s skull. He asks for her to help find Quinn, but she warns him that he is waiting for his arrival. Despite her warnings, he tells her that he has to save Veil and Henry no matter the cost. After coming all this way, through all that he has survived to get back, there’s no way that he can turn back now. He leaves her a knife for protection, but then rides off to do what needs to be done.

We finally catch up with Tilda, still a bloody mess from her fight with the Widow. She wakes up coughing up blood and sees Baijie, both of them locked up as prisoners of the Widow. She tries to make an escape as one of the guards leaves food, but he sees through her deception, much to Baijie’s amusment. Luckily, Odessa takes out the guard and let’s Tilda out. Baijie tells Tilda that Odessa is the reason that he and MK were separated and why he is in prison. She says that they have to save him, but Baijie replies the only person that can save MK is Sunny. Together, they make an escape from the holding cells and plot to save Sunny in order to save MK. While hotwiring a car, they are caught by another wandering guard. Waldo shows up to talk the guard down, telling him to not disobey a direct order by stopping them. Tilda asks for Waldo to come with them, but he merely tells her to stay safe and leaves them to their escape.

Catching up with Sunny, he finally steps into Quinn’s compound. Quinn, Henry, and his men are all there to meet him with crossbows with flaming arrows. During an impressive sequence of dodging said arrows, Sunny is struck twice. As he shrugs off the damage, Quinn fires at one of the explosives rigged up behind him, leaving Sunny under a pile of rubble from the blast. Luckily, after parting ways with Odessa and Tilda, Baijie makes it in time to save Sunny once again. Baijie tells Sunny that he was unsuccessful in saving MK from the Widow, but that he was here to fight by his side to save his family.

As they fight their way down into the depths of Quinn’s compound, we are treated to easily the most bloody, gruesome fight scene in the series. The amount of blood that is shed, limbs severed, and heads decapitated is almost reminiscent of The Walking Dead, as well as the entertainment value. We even get to see Baijie take dude’s on with nunchucks. After finally making it through what is seemingly all of Quinn’s men, Sunny is finally reunited with Veil. As they kiss and embrace for the first time in a very, very long time, Baijie catches a straggler with a tremendous shoulder charge. After the comedic entrance, he tells them to run ahead and that he’ll finish up. After a quick fight scene, Baijie takes down the last of Quinn’s men, but not before being stabbed in the gut with a pair of scissors (his initial reaction is priceless). It kind of sucks to see Baijie seemingly suffer a life ending injury, despite his own personal motivations, he has constantly come through when they needed him.

Face to Face at last, Sunny tells Quinn to give him his son. Quinn refuses, then setting off an explosion. After the dust settles, they both go at it with everything on the line. Veil finds Henry, safe from the blast. After an awesome, satisfying fight, Sunny lands the final blow on Quinn by stabbing him with his sword. With everything done, Sunny returns to Veil and is finally properly introduced to his son. Sunny then remembers Baijie, calling out for him, but Baijie’s body isn’t where we last saw it. Preparing to leave, Quinn grabs Veil, putting a blade to her throat. He bargains that he will trade Veil for Henry. Veil, in one last moment of defiance, shoves the blade through both her and Quinn. Sunny, distraught and with his son, breaks down over her death.

In the final scenes of the episode, we find that Baijie has escaped with Sunny’s motorcycle. He rides along the countryside to an abandoned outpost overlooking the first time that we’ve actually seen a large body of water on the show. While making his way inside, we find that there are consoles with radars on the screens. He puts the book on the console, and puts the compass inside the book. After the compass begins to react, we see that inside the book it corresponds to certain colors of levers that can be switched on the consoles. Once the last switch is hit, the board lights up with what looks like sonar detection and is emitting a noise that sounds as if it is transmitting a signal, but where? This final scene has DEFINITELY thrown me through a loop. Is Azra really out there, and if so how does this play into it? We don’t get any closure in this episode as to what happens with The Widow and MK, Odessa and Tilda, and Waldo and Lydia so it leaves us with a lot of questions. It really saddens me that Sunny’s journey has led him to reuniting with his love, only for her to be ripped away from him because of her sacrifice to finally put an end to Quinn. Although I was looking forward to more resolution, the season did end on a mostly satisfying note. I really can’t wait for the next season to start up, and I really hope that Baijie makes it through, it’d be odd to lose his cheeky sense of humor. Well, I hope that you guys enjoyed this episode as much as I did. I’ll keep my hopes up for Baijie’s return when the next season returns sometime next year. Until then, leave your comments on what you felt were the biggest moments of the finale, as well as where do you think the show will take is when it returns for a Season 3.

Into The Badlands Season 2 Episode 10 - Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire (Season Finale Review)



  • Quinn Vs. Sunny pt. 2
  • The entire latter half of the episode is extremely action heavy
  • Sunny Reunites With Veil and Henry
  • Quinn is finally disposed of


  • Baijie's possible death
  • Not real resolution with the main characters (i.e. MK, Lydia, Tilda)

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