Marvel’s Spider-Man Game E3 Gameplay Reveal

It’s hard to even describe this gameplay demo without using expletives. This year’s Sony E3 conference ended on an explosive not, giving fans a look at a long, but satisfying look at our favorite Webhead’s latest game outing being handled by Insomniac games. The game flows so fluidly from combat, to cut scene, to web slinging back in real game time. We get to see some Arkham Asylum-esque land traversal and combat cues that blends perfectly with Spider-Man’s use of his Spider Sense.

We briefly get a glimpse at a “Fisk” banner hanging from one of the buildings, which I hope is a sign of The Kingpin being a villain in game. There’s also an incredibly cool chase sequence that was showcased that is simply too great to spoil. I’ve  also noticed that the game takes a cue from the Uncharted series with some of the sequence interactions.

To be honest, this game blew me away more than any of the other games shown during Sony’s conference. As a huge Spider-Man fan, this is the game that I’ve been waiting for since Spider-Man 2. True to Marvel, there’s even a pretty crazy after credits Easter egg that was shown after the Conference recap. For those that didn’t get to witness the greatness, the video is posted below. There. Your welcome.

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