LeBron James Is Locked In To Produce New House Party Film

It was confirmed today that House Party is getting a reboot in the big screen. The reboot will still be under New Line Cinema & has no official release date locked down yet.

Besides the film getting a reboot, The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that the film will be produced by LeBron James & his SpringHill Entertainment partner. The film will be scripted by FX’s Atlanta writers Stephen Glover & Jamal Olori.

James had to this to say:

“This is definitely not a reboot. It’s an entirely new look for a classic movie. Everyone I grew up with loved House Party. To partner with this creative team to bring a new House Party to a new generation is unbelievable.”

Maverick Carter, James’ partner in SpringHill Entertainment said that they are:

“trying out some ideas for musicians to be cast in and to be a part of the project.

When asked if James would appear in the film, Carter said:

“There’s no plan for it now, but he’s a fantastic actor, and if he wants a role, Stephen will find a great role to put him in.”

The original House Party released in 1990 & starred Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, A.J. Johnson, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and Gene “Groove” Allen (of Groove B. Chill), Kelly Jo Minter & John Witherspoon.

The first film kicked off when Play’s parents are out of town, and he’s planning the house party to end all house parties. His best friend, Kid, wants to go more than anything, knowing Sydney (Tisha Campbell), the hottest girl in school, is sure to be there. But when Kid gets into a fight at school, his father (Kid ‘N Play) grounds him. Still determined to go, Kid sneaks out of the house and faces one calamity after another as he makes his way to Play’s house and the party of the school year.

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