4 Geeks Like You was started in 2012 & brought old & new friends together to cover everything within pop culture. When we're not breaking news, we're working closely with Hollywood studios to promote movie screenings here in New York City. There's not a convention that we don't cover or a premiere here in NYC that you can't find at least one of us mixed in the crowd of lizardmen & timelords.

Sean Marshall - Editor-in-Chief

Sean is known as one of the toughest film critics from New York City. If you ever wanted to know what a time capsule stuffed with pop culture looked like, Sean is it. Anime, movies, television shows, cartoon theme songs from the 80s to the early 2000s, video games & comics this man knows it all. Sean created 4 Geeks Like You back in 2012 as a platform where every form of pop culture could be discussed. Sean has his Bachelor of Science in Nursing & is a film enthusiast.

Marlena Watson - Managing Editor

Hieee! My name is Marlena, literature, anime and everything STEM nerd here—Nice to meet you. As a lifelong lover of learning, I find that the fandom of anime, manga, comics, and film encompasses varied aspects of topics near and dear to my heart. Whether it is calling out the limitations of titan height, the political ramifications of Avengers avenging or the importance of representation in film, the culture that has emerged around these entertainment media is welcoming and engrossing. I hope to explore it all with you through our site!

Michelle La Bella - Lead News Editor

The Italian movie lover from The Big Apple! I'm an avid movie watcher and spend my time sweeping Netflix for more Bridgerton episodes! By the way, music from the 80s rocks; don't knock it until you blast it.

Adrian Ventura - Field Editor/Podcast Co-host

Adrian Ventura’s in the building! When I am not assisting with camera work at a screening, premiere, or convention, I can be found writing scripts, writing engaging articles on films and shows that I love, and acting.


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