20th Century Fox Shuffles Around Deadpool 2, Gambit & The New Mutants Release Dates

20th Century Fox fell into the spotlight recently when news broke that Disney purchased their Marvel films & has concrete plans to bring the characters Fox once owned into their Marvel Cinematic Universe. The move won’t take affect for another 18 or so months, but it looks that things are being switched around a bit with some of Fox’s comic book movie films.

News hit today that Deadpool 2, New Mutants & Gambit will have their release Dates switched around. Deadpool will be moved from its June 1st release date to May 18th, which means it will hit theaters two weeks earlier. The New Mutants was supposed to hit theaters April 13th, but it’s been pushed to February 22, 2019. As for Gambit, the film was looking ked into the February 14, 2019 release date, but it’s now being pushed to June 8, 2019.

Some may wonder if The New Mutants & Gambit will be pushed back to somehow have them crossover somehow into the MCU.

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