Batman: Arkham Origins Museum Masterline Batman (XE Suit) Statue Revealed

Prime 1 Studio, known for their fantastic collectible statues, is back at it again with another solid reveal. A new Batman statue was revealed that is guaranteed to empty out wallets & cause Batman fans to stop brooding & emerge from the dark corners to order this jaw-dropping statue.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Museum Masterline Batman (XE Suit) Statue does not only look stunning, but it is attached to a heavy price tag. The price for the statue is 1,199.99, but it is definitely worth the price.

Prime 1 Studio presents the Batman Extreme Environment Suit from Batman: Arkham Origins (Cold, Cold Heart DLC). Batman started out using the Arkham Origins Batsuit but switched to the XE Suit after he realized that he needed a more armored Batsuit to take on the likes of Mister Freeze. It had heating on some of the areas of the suit, it was armed with Thermal Gloves. This special version of his Batsuit not only offered him greater protection but also allowed him to take Mr. Freeze head on as the suit was able to withstand the extreme temperature and break the ice he was able to create. A perfect duo with the Mr. Freeze from Batman: Arkham Origins.

Take a look at the pictures of the statue & the info for this statue below.

  • 31.10 inches H x 21.25 inches W x 19.68 inches L (86.487cm x 53.975cm x 49.98cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • From the Cold, Cold Heart DLC for the video game Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Limited to 500 worldwide, numbered base and packaging
  • Highly detailed museum quality statue.

The statue is scheduled for release in Q4 2018.

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